About the event

About Sustainability In Packaging Europe

One of the most important functions of packaging in the decade to 2020 will be increased sustainability. This push towards sustainable practices for packaging and a circular economy will be a key influencer, focal point and primary benchmark for the packaging supply chain.

To address these future sustainability requirements, Smithers Pira has created Sustainability in Packaging Europe -  the only European packaging event designed to offer a 360 perspective on the key challenges and solutions the supply chain are faced with to evolve towards a circular economy.

This conference brings together Smithers Pira's years of expertise in business intelligence, extensive event experience and neutrality that will help expand your knowledge on:

  • Circular Economy and Packaging Sustainability
  • Consumer Trends & Insights
  • Retailers’ and Brand Owners’ Perspectives
  • Packaging Converters’ Perspectives
  • Packaging Materials
  • Recycling and Waste Management

Be part of a new global community of packaging professionals driving forward a circular economy within the supply chain.

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