2016 Agenda

Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday 8 November

  1. Registration

  2. Closing the loop. Masterclass: The Use Of New Packaging Materials

    Introduction: Hester Klein Lankhorst, Director and Karen van de Stadt, Packaging Expert, KIDV, Netherland

    Due to an unique set of factors; close proximity of all necessary (international) players in the plastic recycling chain, a well-developed chemical industry, R&D packaging centres, multi-faceted collection systems and a broad range of research institutes (eg Wageningen University), The Netherlands is a pilot environment/laboratory for innovation and new developments. This has resulted in many different developments concerning the use of both biobased materials and (post-consumer) recycled content.

    In this masterclass the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) will help you to take (further) steps in the use of new packaging materials in order to respond to the goals of the European Closing the loop package. What are the do’s and don’ts when using biobased materials, what are the possibilities and conditions in the use of (post-consumer) recycled material in packaging and what must be taken into account when exploring the possibilities of design for recycling in regard to multilayer packaging.


  3. Session on Biobased Materials & (post-consumer) Recycled Content

    Hester Klein Lankhorst, Director and Karen van de Stadt, Packaging Expert, KIDV, Netherland

    Hester Klein Lankhorst (Director) and Karen van de Stadt (Packaging expert), will give you an in depth view on the use of biobased material in packaging. Acquire the latest insights, innovative and technological examples and learn, among other things, more about the state of the art concerning composting and recycling of biobased materials. Subsequently the KIDV will take you to the subject of (post-consumer) recycled content in packaging. Showing the latest trends and developments and make the link with food safety and legislation and explore the possibilities of design for recycling in regard to multilayer packaging.

    In the interactive masterclass you can bring forward your own questions and cases.

  4. Conclusion

  5. Workshop close & Networking Break

  6. Pre-Conference Start-Ups Session

    Moderator: Jonne Hellgren, Managing Director, Repack, Finland


    The aim of the this session is to introduce new, sustainable solutions related to packaging and link potential customers with start-ups and generate new business opportunities for both.

    More information to be announced...

  7. Secure cold chains with Tempix labels

    Marko Arola | CEO of Tempix AB

    • Patented and awarded technology
    • Tempix technology is flexible, easy to automate and inexpensive
    • Every single food package or medicine box can be secured
    • Freshness is guaranteed despite longer shelf life
  8. Reinventing bioplastics with next generation of paper

    Tuomas Mustonen | Founder, Managing Director of Paptic Ltd., Finland

    The minimization of plastic waste is a global challenge. Traditional bioplastics are mainly alleviating the problem by biodegradability relevant for food packaging applications. Paptic approaches the situation from a more holistic circular economy approach.

    PAPTIC material is a combination of the renewability and recyclability of paper combined with usability of plastics. Paptic is a novel material innovation, that is renewable and recyclable. Importantly, the haptics appeal to consumers and invite to repeated use.

    The presentation will also highlight the feedback received from a number of brand owner and retailer case studies.

  9. New applications for an old polymer

    John R Williams | Business Development Director of Aquapak Polymers, UK

    • Polyvinyl alcohol based polymers with much bigger application windows
    • Can be used on conventional blown film and other plastic processing equipment
    • In-line copolymerisation for multi-functionality
  10. Reusable packaging in e-commerce

    Jonne Hellgren | Managing Director of RePack, Finland

    • Globally unique solution
    • Packaging design from reuse point of view
    • Win - Win -business model for consumers and online shops
  11. Panel discussion

  12. Conclusion and Start-Ups Session Ends


Wednesday 9 November

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Director of Amcor, Switzerland

Session 1 - Circular Economy and Packaging Sustainability

  1. The Circular Economy – Overview and Regulations

    Philippe Diercxsens | Packaging & Environment Manager of Danone Waters, Belgium

    • What is the Circular Economy?
    • The EU Circular Economy package (action plan and legislative proposals)
    • Key topics for the EU Waste Framework Directive, Landfill Directive and Packaging and Packaging  Waste Directive.
    • Legislative process and timing.


  2. The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics

    Dr. Michiel De Smet | Project Manager, New Plastics Economy of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK

    • In January 2016, the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with analytical support from McKinsey & Company, launched the report The New Plastics Economy – Rethinking the future of plastics.
    • Building on the report’s insights, the New Plastics Economy is an ambitious, three-year initiative to create momentum towards a plastics system that works.
    • Applying the principles of the circular economy, the initiative brings together key stakeholders to re-think and re-design the future of plastics, starting with packaging.
    • With an explicitly systemic and collaborative approach, the New Plastics Economy initiative aims to move the plastics value chain into a positive spiral of value capture, stronger economics, and better environmental outcomes.
  3. The Packaging Supply Chain’s Views on the EU Circular Economy Package

    Virginia Janssens | Managing Director of EUROPEN, Belgium

    • The legislative review of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) and Waste Framework Directive (WFD)
    • Safeguard the Life-Cycle Approach in legislation
    • Safeguard the EU Internal Market for packaging and packaged goods
    • EU EPR “general requirements” for packaging and national roles and responsibilities
  4. Networking Refreshment Break

  5. The Circular Economy Concept in the Context of Nestlé’s Life Cycle Approach to Packaging

    Dr. Lars Lundquist | Senior R&D Expert Packaging Environmental Sustainability of Nestlé, Switzerland

    • Nestlé’s holistic life cycle approach to packed products – the functions of packaging
    • Discrepancies and commonalities between the life cycle approach and the circular economy concept
    • Increasing circularity without compromising environmental performance

Session 2 - Consumer Trends & Insights

  1. Macro and Micro Trends Influencing Packaging & Sustainability

    Marcel Keuenhof | European Packaging Manager of Wessanen, The Netherlands

    • The role of packaging in an ever growing & urbanising population
    • The impact of our food supply chain on what we pack & do not pack, what we eat & do not eat.
    • Interesting & relevant developments in the packaging landscape that will help make our supply chains more sustainable
    • Making simple (packaging) steps towards reducing our own impact on the planet
  2. Sustainability and its Impact on the European Packaging Market to 2020

    Adam Page | Global Director Reports and Consultancy of Smithers Pira, UK

    • Overview of the European Packaging Market 2010-2015
    • Key market trends, drivers and issues
    • Impact of Sustainability on the market
    • Future Expectations & market outlook

Session 3 - Retailers’ and Brand Owners’ Perspective

  1. Circular Economy and Packaging – The Retailers Challenge

    Kevin Vyse | Primary Foods Packaging Technologist and Packaging Innovation Lead of Marks and Spencer, UK

    • Understanding circularity
    • Choosing the right materials and methods of recovery
    • Engaging the consumer on the journey
  2. The Relevance of the EU Beer Pilot for the Packaging Industry

    Paul Bruijn | Senior Global Lead Safety & Environment of Heineken Supply Chain B.V., UK

    • How the EU beer pilot program links to HEINEKEN’s sustainability program
    • Our Barley to Bar environmental footprint and the significance of packaging materials
    • Outcome of the PEF supporting studies
    • How we can improve, focussing on Circular Economy and Climate Change
  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Developing a Packaging Eco-Design Process to Achieve Danone’s Sustainability Commitments

    Benoît Piette, Packaging Technology Manager of Danone Nutricia Research, The Netherlands & Co-presenter Jean-Baptiste Bayart, Sustainability Consultant of Quantis, Switzerland

    • Danone Pack Policy for sustainable Packaging
    • Eco-design process and Guidelines for Packaging
    • Dedicated Packaging Eco-design Tool
  5. Circular IKEA, from a Customer Perspective

    Per Stoltz | Circular and Waste Manager of Sustainability IKEA Group, Sweden

    • Why Circular Economy
    • The customer needs
    • The opportunity
    • Circular packaging examples from IKEA
  6. Panel Discussion

    Featuring Ellen MacArthur Foundation, EUROPEN, Nestlé, Marks & Spencer, Heineken, Danone, IKEA, Wessanen

    • Circular Economy: A new word for recycling requirements and regulations or more?
    • Life Cycle based Sustainability and Circular Economy: mutually reinforcing or contradicting concepts?

    Panel lead: Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, Director Sustainability, Amcor, Switzerland

    Panellist includes:

    • Philippe Diercxsens, Packaging & Environment Manager, Danone Waters, Belgium
    • Michiel De Smet, Project Manager, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, The Netherlands
    • Virginia Janssens, Managing Director, EUROPEN, Belgium
    • Lars Lundquist, Senior R&D Expert, Packaging Environmental Sustainability, Nestlé, Switzerland
    • Marcel Keuenhof, European Packaging Manager, Wessanen, The Netherlands
    • Kevin Vyse, Primary Foods Packaging Technologist and Packaging Innovation Lead, Marks and Spencer, UK
    • Paul Bruijn, Senior Global Lead Safety & Environment, Heineken Supply Chain, UK
    • Benoît Piette, Packaging Technology Manager, Danone Nutricia Research, The Netherlands
    • Jean-Baptiste Bayart, Sustainability Consultant, Quantis, Switzerland
    • Per Stoltz, Circular and Waste Manager, Sustainability IKEA Group, Sweden
  7. Networking Refreshment Break

Session 4 - Packaging Converters’ Perspective

  1. Integration of Biomimicry in Packaging Development

    Paulo Correia | CTO of Logoplaste, Portugal

    • The Industrial and Development Model – A Natural Sustainable concept
    • The Sustainability model
    • Integration of Biomimicry in Packaging Development
  2. Making the Move to Truly Sustainable Packaging

    Andy Sweetman | Marketing Manager of Futamura, UK

    • Why do brands hesitate?
    • How passivity can be  more dangerous than action
    • How to help brands make that leap in safety
    • What’s the payback?
  3. Driving Packaging Sustainability in the Value Chain: What and How can a Converter Contribute?

    Dr. Gerald Rebitzer | Sustainability Director of Amcor, Switzerland

    • What actually is packaging sustainability for a converter?
    • Influence of a packaging converter on performance vs. impact of operations
    • How a converter can create value for brand owners, retailers, and consumers
  4. Chair’s Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

    Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, Director Sustainability, Amcor, Switzerland

Networking Drink Reception

  1. Networking Drink Reception

    Sponsored by BillerudKorsnäs

    6.15-8.00 pm Networking Drink Reception

    More information to be announced...


Thursday 10 November

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    Dana Mosora, Sustainability and Advocacy Director, DOW EMEA Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Switzerland

Session 5 – Packaging Materials

  1. Packaging Opportunities for PEF, a Bio Based Polyester with High Barrier Performance

    Nathan Kemeling | Director Business Development YXY of Avantium, The Netherlands

    • PEF is 100% bio based polyester with higher oxygen, CO2 and water barrier and improved mechanical strength over PET
    • Avantium has developed with partners packaging films and bottles providing extended shelf life and better mechanical protection
    • Avantium and BASF intend to establish a joint venture for the manufacturing and technical development of PEF
  2. Towards Circular Plastic Packaging: Role of Virgin Resin Producers

    Herman Van Roost | Business Development Manager Recycling of TOTAL Polymers Business, Belgium

    • What drives the circular economy really?
    • Virgin resins and recyclate: two separate worlds?
    • Circular focus of plastics innovation
  3. Cartonboard Packaging, Sustainability and the Circular Economy

    Roland Rex | President of Pro Carton – The Association of European Cartonboard and Carton Manufacturers

    • Closing the Loop : Resource efficiency from renewable wood fibre and from recovered paper
    • The bigger picture:  Product Stewardship and circularity  are built into the life cycle of cartons
    • Key findings from Pro Carton’s study “The importance of Sustainability in Packaging”
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Session 6 – Recycling and Waste Management

  1. Plastics in Circular Economy

    Antonino Furfari | Managing Director of Plastics Recyclers Europe, Belgium

    • Review of today's situation
    • How to recycle more plastics?
  2. Tracer Based Sorting and the Need for Standardisation

    Gian De Belder | PET Cycle Project Manager and P&G R&D Packaging Sustainability of Procter & Gamble, Belgium

    • Tracer based sorting to improve recycling efficiencies and need for standardisation
    • Importance of partnerships: overview of some selected activities addressing packaging sustainability
  3. The Case of Flexible Packaging in a Circular Economy

    M. Isabel Arroyo | Senior Research Scientist, Value Chain and Sustainability, Packaging and Specialty Plastics of Dow Chemical Iberica S.l., Spain

    • How does Flexible Packaging contribute to a resource efficient Europe?
    • Can Flexible Packaging contribute to higher recycling rates of plastic packaging?
    • Latest polyolefin based solutions to enable recycling with improved quality of recyclates
  4. Why the UK Paper Cup Recycling Crisis has Impact for all Packaging

    Martin Kersh | Executive Director of The Foodservice Packaging Association, UK

    • How the industry responded
    • The consequences for all packaging
    • The future for packaging recycling claims
    • Why the packaging industry must pull together
  5. Networking Lunch

  6. Circular Plastic Packaging: The Graal? A View from a Waste Sorter and a Recycled Resin Producer

    Christine Levêque | Director Business Innovation Benelux & Germany of SUEZ, Belgium

    • Actual offer of plastic packaging made of recycled resins and being themselves recyclable
    • QCP : a new incumbent on the market of r-PP and r-PE compounds
    • Is PET really a more sustainable polymer than PP or PE?
    • Some quick wins for increasing the recyclability of post-consumer packaging
  7. Panel Discussion

    Featuring Procter & Gamble, Plastics Recyclers Europe; Dow Chemical Iberica S.l., The Foodservice Packaging Association, Suez

    • Resource Efficient Europe: When is recycling a good answer and when is not?
    • Circular Economy: Is close loop recycling the most important driver?

    Panel lead: Dana Mosora, Sustainability and Advocacy Director, DOW EMEA Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Switzerland

    Panellists include:

    • Antonino Furfari, Managing Director, Plastics Recyclers Europe, Belgium
    • Gian De Belder, PET Cycle Project Manager and P&G R&D Packaging Sustainability, Procter & Gamble, Belgium
    • M. Isabel Arroyo, Senior Research Scientist, Value Chain and Sustainability, Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Dow Chemical Iberica S.l., Spain
    • Martin Kersch, Executive Director, The Foodservice Packaging Association, UK
    • Christine Leveque, Director Business Innovation, Suez, Belgium
  8. Chair’s Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

    Dana Mosora, Sustainability and Advocacy Director, DOW EMEA Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Switzerland

  9. End of Conference