2017 Agenda

A morning site-visit to the Ecoembes Gavà sorting facility and afternoon workshop is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 24 October. Further information will be announced shortly. Current tickets are exclusive of the site visit and workshop and will be available shortly.

Wednesday 25 Oct

Wednesday 25 October

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chairman's opening remarks

    Dana Mosora | Founder of Dana Mosora Consulting GmbH, Swizerland

Keynote Session 1 – The circular economy and packaging sustainability

  1. A plastics strategy in a circular economy

    Werner Bosmans | Coordinator Plastics Strategy of European Commission, DG Environment

    Taking into account the economic importance and the environmental externalities of plastics, the Circular Economy Action Plan (2015) considered plastics as a priority area. The European Commission is preparing a strategy to addresses the challenges posed by plastics throughout the value chain, such as reuse, recyclability, biodegradability, the presence of hazardous substances of concerns in certain plastics and marine litter. The Strategy is due by the end of this year and will look at the following issues:

    • Plastics are made of finite resources and have high impacts throughout their life cycle in terms of greenhouse gas emissions;
    • The recycling rate of plastics is too low, with often poor quality and uptake of recyclates;
    • Plastics leak into the environment, in particular the oceans, posing serious health and environmental concerns.
  2. The new plastics economy initiative – innovations for a plastics economy that works

    Dr. Mats Linder | Project Manager of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK

    • Why do we need a systemic, collaborative initiative to fix the plastics system?
    • 3 key strategies to catalyse cation towards a plastics economy that works
    • The role of innovation and how we are working to accelerate it
  3. Improving packaging design and models for tackling waste problems

    Piotr Barczak | Policy Officer on Waste of European Environmental Bureau, Belgium

    • Essential requirements for packaging review
    • Innovative and bio-based packaging and innovative models such as non-packaging solutions
  4. Q&A session

  5. Networking refreshment break

Session 2 - Packaging design

  1. Rubbish in, rubbish out – good packaging design as the starting point of circularity

    Ulrike Sapiro | Director Sustainability of Coca-Cola Company, EMEA

    Recyclability as the starting point for circularity

    • The challenge of material efficiency and reusability
    • How about renewable and recycled content
    • Why good design is not the entire answer to sustainable packaging
  2. From the design of a product to recycling and waste

    Speaker to be confirmed

  3. Mars goes circular – Circular Economy from the perspective of a global FMCG company

    Juan Manuel Banez Romero | Public Affairs Manager Europe of MARS, Belgium

    • Mars’ perspective on Circular Economy – challenges and opportunities.
    • Plastics: Mars’ vision on the Plastics Strategy.
    • Mars’ projects on sustainable packaging (focused on plastics)
  4. Good for you, good for the planet: Packaging sustainability as a part of Barilla’s company purpose

    Giacomo Canali | Packaging Research and Sustainability Manager of Barilla G. e R. Fratelli SpA, Italy

    • Barilla Double Pyramid model
    • Environmental pyramid and eco-design of packaging
    • LCA and EPD
    • How can research on packaging help sustainability?
  5. Panel/Q&A session

    Panel: speakers from this session and Matthew Miller, Business Director, James Cropper 3DP

  6. Networking lunch

Session 3 - Plastics recovery, recycling and related new collaboration opportunities

  1. The profitable way to eliminate the idea of waste

    Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle, USA and co-presenter Gian De Belder, Principal Scientist - Packaging R&D, Procter & Gamble, Belgium

    • Learn how major consumer product companies are recycling the non-recyclable, and in the process driving market share, shopper and brand marketing wins.
    • Learn about the world's largest solution to marine plastic to date and how it helped P&G win at retail.
    • Learn how to engage retailers, drive foot traffic and other benefits all through solving waste
  2. Sustainability in packaging as a collaborative effort

    Dr. Karlheinz Hausmann | R&D Fellow Sustainability Technology Leader of DuPont de Nemours Intl Sarl, Switzerland

    • Light weighting, food protection while maintaining and improving the functionality of the package
    • Recycling of packaging as a collaborative effort
    • Collaboration along and beyond the value chain
  3. Solutions for flexible packaging in a circular and sustainable economy

    Graham Houlder | Managing Director and and Project Co-ordinator for the CEFLEX project of SLOOP Consulting, Netherlands

    The presentation will draw on early learnings from the CEFLEX project on how flexible packaging can add even more value in the circular economy. CEFLEX is a European full flexible packaging value chain collaboration to propose solutions that allow more flexible packaging to be recycled without compromising it’s significant added value and resource efficiency benefits.

  4. Plastics recycling and its contribution to circular economy

    Dr. Gerold Breuer | Head of Marketing & Business Development of EREMA Group GmbH, Austria

    • Driving circular economy
    • Combining machine, online measurement & digitalization
    • “Made to measure” re-pellets
    • A step towards rethinking: new pouches based on a mono-material solution
  5. Panel/Q&A session

  6. Afternoon networking break

Session 4 - Start Ups - Innovations and new ways of thinking

Chair: Jonne Hellgren, Managing Director, RePack, Finland

  1. Paper title to be confirmed

    Suvi Haimi | CEO of Sulapac Ltd., Finland

  2. Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality

    Prof. Dr. Rudy Koopmans | Director of Plastics Innovation Competence Center; Switzerland

    • Simplified, full compostable packages
    • Reduced food residues
    • Accurate due date detection
    • Natural antimicrobial actives
  3. Paper title to be confirmed

    Azhar Hussain | CEO of Hanhaa, UK

  4. More start-ups to be confirmed (7 minutes pitching sessions)

    Panel discussion/Q&A session

    Further information to follow...

  5. Chairman closing remarks

    Dana Mosora | Founder of Dana Mosora Consulting GmbH, Swizerland

Networking Drinks Reception

  1. Networking drinks reception

    17:45 – 19:15  Networking  drinks reception

Thursday 26 Oct

Thursday 26 October

  1. Registration and welcome refreshment

  2. Chairman opening announcements

    Virginia Janssens, Managing Director, Europen, Belgium

Session 5 - Brand owners & retailers perspectives and consumer engagement

  1. Paper title to be confirmed

    Luise Baar | Advisor to the CEO (Schwarz Zentrale Dienste KG) of Schwarz Zentrale Dienste KG (Schwarz Gruppe, Lidl & Kaufland) , Germany

  2. Paper title to be confirmed

    Speaker to be confirmed, Consumer Organisation

  3. Paper title to be confirmed

    Prabhat R Mishra | M. Ch. Engg., Chartered Scientist, & Fellow of IOM3, Global Packaging Sustainability Lead of Mondelez International

  4. M&S packaging strategy - a year on….

    Kevin Vyse, Primary Foods Packaging Technologist and Packaging Innovation Lead and Laura Fernandez, Packaging Technologist, Marks and Spencer, UK

    • In a world of uncertainty M&S needs to guarantee the supply, quality and authenticity of its packaging
    • What are our plans to ensure our packaging is fit for the future
    • What are the challenges that we encounter in our quest to achieve our goals
  5. Panel discussion/Q&A session

    Theme and topics to be confirmed...

    Panellists: Philippe Diercxsens, Packaging & Environment Manager, Danone Waters and speakers from this session

  6. Morning networking break

Session 6 - Waste management in a circular economy

  1. Circular Economy and waste prevention in Norway

    Lars Brede Johansen | Head of Development of Grønt Punkt Norge AS, Norway

  2. Paper title to be confirmed

    Jorge Serrano | Head of the Companies and Ecodesign Department of Ecoembes, Spain

    The Circular Lab is a pioneering project in Europe that brings together all the proposals and solutions to boost innovation in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling, all framed under the concept of Circular Economy. It will affect all phases of the life cycle of packaging: from conception, through eco-design, to its reintroduction to the consumer cycle through new products.

    • R&D&I in packaging and circular economy.
    • Evaluation of the efficiency of new models, systems and technologies.
    • Eco-efficient and environmentally sustainable society.
    • LCA tools (from waste to product).
  3. Deposit System – an environmental measure

    Rauno Raal | CEO of Estonian Deposit System (original name in Estonian language - Eesti Pandipakend OÜ), Estonia

    • Beverage packages collection with deposits in the world
    • Deposit vs other collection systems
    • Deposit system essence based on Estonian case
  4. Panel discussion/Q&A session

    Chair: Virginia Janssens, Managing Director, Europen, Belgium

    Topics to be confirmed


    • Pascal Gislais, Member of the Board, LÉKO, France
    • Lars Brede Johansen, Head of Development, Gruen Punkt Norge AS, Norway
    • Daniel del Olmo Rovidarcht,  Head of the Companies and Eco-design Department, Ecoembes, Spain
    • Rauno Raal, CEO, Estonian Deposit System, Estonia
    • Drs Robert Corijn MKM, Marketing Manager, Attero B.V., The Netherlands
  5. Networking lunch

Session 7 - Circularity and its innovation and solutions

  1. Fibre bottle project – a collaboration initiative for a sustainable future

    Henrik Essén | SVP Communication & Sustainability of BillerudKorsnäs, Sweden

  2. Circular packaging: opportunities and challenges with metal packaging

    Ramon Arratia | Sustainability Director of Metal Packaging Europe

  3. Eco-designing labels to boost the circular economy

    Oona Koski, Sustainability, Senior Specialist, UPM Raflatac, Finland

    • Labels and packaging design
    • Value chain collaboration
    • Eco-design
    • Recycling and recyclable
    • Circular economy
  4. Circular economy: a social and a business imperative for the plastics industry

    Andreas Gémes | Marketing Manager Circular Economy Solutions of Borealis AG, Austria

    • Waste is a valuable resource
    • Only through value chain collaboration a systemic change can be achieved, which will consequently enable circularity
    • Borealis has assumed a leading role in promoting circular economy for polyolefins by engaging with key stakeholders in advancing recyclability and enhanced use of recyclates
  5. Innovative answers to sustainability challenges in the shrink sleeve market

    Marcia Correa | Director of Marketing, Labels of Klöckner Pentaplast, Germany

  6. Q&A session

  7. Chairman closing remarks

    Virginia Janssens | Managing Director of EUROPEN, Belgium

  8. Conference ends