Day Two - Thursday 14 November

View Day One Programme Here  (Wednesday 13 November)

Pre conference sessions  (Tuesday 12 November)

Day Two - Track A

TRACK A - Packaging design for end of life

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks

    Kelly L. Helein | Vice President, Strategic Accounts of Footprint, US

  3. Review of the essesntial requirements set by packaging packaging waste directive and modulated EPR fees

    Simon Webb | Government Relations of P&G, Belgium

  4. Understanding recyclability & certification of recyclability

    Vincent Mooij | Head of SUEZ.circpack® of SUEZ, The Netherlands

  5. Driving responsible packaging development with science-based eco-design tool

    Tim Mulder I Sustainable Packaging Development of FrieslandCampina, The Netherlands and Jean-Baptiste Bayart, Sustainability Consultant, Quantis, Switzerland

    • Data-driven sustainability especially for packaging
    • Eco-design for circular economy
    • Drive science-based sustainability insights
  6. Innovation about PET recycling

    Pascal Chapon | Sustainable Plastic R&D Manager of Danone, France

  7. Networking break

TRACK A - Collection, sorting and recycling

  1. Chair’s open remarks

    Philippe Diercxsens | Packaging & Environment Manager of Danone Waters, Belgium

  2. What is the roadmap for the beverage can industry to achieve near 100% real recycling rates?

    Ramon Arratia | Sustainability Director of Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, UK

  3. EXTR:ACT - the way forward for multimaterial recycling in Europe

    Michael Brandl | Managing Director of EXTR:ACT e.V., Germany

  4. Circular plastics : fundamentals and innovation challenges

    Herman Van Roost | President of Plarebel, Belgium

  5. Q&A session

  6. Moving EPR to the next level to support industry to comply with new challenges from legislation and public demand

    Joachim Quoden | Managing Director of EXPRA, Germany

  7. Panel: Deposit return systems, design and effect on EPR

    Panellists featuring: Coca Cola, UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change (ESCI-UPF), Expra, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe and more to be confirmed

    Packaging recovery organisations are facing many challenges that impact their operations and business model, and consequently impact producers who rely on these schemes to comply with their legal obligations under Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging. This panel discussion will explore whether Deposit Return Schemes are the only way for beverage producers to comply with their new legal obligations and what the impact of the introduction of DRS is on existing EPR systems.

    - Is the introduction of DRS really necessary, and if so, on what exactly?
    - Will the introduction of DRS have a detrimental effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of
       existing EPR systems?

    Moderator: Joachim Quoden; Managing Director, EXPRA Europe
    Panellists including:
    Alba Bala Gala, Senior Researcher, UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change (ESCI-UPF)
    Hans Van Bochove, Vice-President Public Affairs Europe, Coca-Cola European Partners (tentative)
    Ramon Arratia, Sustainability & Public Affairs Director, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe

    More panellists to be confirmed ...


  8. Networking lunch

  9. Chemical Recycling Association

    Umberto Paves | CFO of Gr3n, Switzerland

    • Packaging is not bad (reduces commercial and environmental cost of food waste)
    • Mechanical recycling has limitations in quality and quantity
    • Landfill restrictions do not mean more recycling (means more thermal energy recovery)
    • Chemical recycling can boost recycling quality and quantity reducing social cost (compared with both virgin polymers and mechanical recycling)
  10. Is chemical recycling of plastics another “good answer to the wrong question”?

    Carlos Ludlow Palafox | CEO of Enval Ltd., UK

  11. Q&A session

  12. CEFLEX: The action to drive the circular economy for flexible packaging through full value chain collaboration. A progress update

    Graham Houlder | Project Co-ordinator of CEFLEX project, The Netherlands

  13. Closing the loop for plastic packaging – what prevents industry to move forward faster

    Dr. Catharina Bening | Senior Researcher of ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  14. Q&A session

  15. Chair’s closing remarks

  16. End of conference

Day Two - Track B

TRACK B - Food packaging safety and material innovations

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks

  3. Food packaging in the circular economy: Focus on chemical safety

    Dr. Jane Muncke | Managing Director of Food Packaging Forum Foundation, Switzerland

  4. The paper bottle journey

    Hein van den Reek I Director Business Development Formable Europe of BillerudKorsnäs AB, Sweden and Dr. Christoph Hoffmann I Director Corporate Strategy, BD & Sustainability of ALPLA, Austria

    • How did we start?
    • Innovation is not an easy route
    • Why do we think this concept is disruptive?
    • How a Pulp and Paper Producer and a Plastic converter jointly continue this journey
  5. Sustainable packaging and consumer trends

    Francesca Priora | Customer Sustainability Manager of Tetra Pak, Italy

    • Plant based materials
    • Short term challenges
    • Fitting into a low-carbon circular economy
  6. How fiber-based solutions will support the move to more sustainable food packaging

    Raphaël Bardet | Head of Business Line, Food of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Specialties, France

  7. Ingeo biopolymers, polymers that fit in a true, biobased, circular economy

    Erwin Vink | Senior Sustainability Manager of NatureWorks LLC, The Netherlands

    • Sustainable feedstock production to decouple economy from fossil resources.
    • New properties leading to new design options.
    • Where and how Ingeo fits in a true biobased circular economy in balance with the environment.
    • Where Ingeo can help reduce leakage of plastics into the environment.
    • Recycling and EOL options fit with a co-benefit.
  8. Networking break

TRACK B - Capitalising on sustainability assets and technology innovations

  1. Chair’s opening remarks

  2. Environmental, social and business sustainability: the glass packaging story

    Michael Delle Selve | Senior Communication Manager of FEVE – The European Container Glass Federation, Belgium

  3. How to achieve a recycling rate higher than 95%

    Dr. Armin von Keitz | Manager Sustainability and Associations Packaging of Tata Steel, The Netherlands

  4. Panel: Moving from plastic to fibre-based packaging. Understanding the challenges and opportunities

    Panellists featuring: Nestlé; WWF, Stora Enso, Huhtamaki and more to be announced

    Is fibre-based packaging a feasible alternative for plastics?
    What are the innovations and technologies to enable such transition?
    How to maintain the intrinsic nature of paper and recyclability in such transition?

    Moderator: Jonathan Tame, Managing Director, Two Sides, UK
    Panellists including:
    Alexey Vishtal, Packaging Specialist Paper & Board, Nestlé, Switzerland
    Michael Hahl, Sustainability and Strategic Innovation Director, Huhtamaki Flexibles, Germany
    Mauro Giuseppe Ciriminna, Senior Pulp, Paper and Packaging Advisor, Forest Sector Transformation, WWF, Sweden
    Maria Holopainen, Business Lead on Circular Economy, Stora Enso, Finland
    More panellists to be announced...

  5. Networking lunch

  6. Start-ups panel: Innovations driving circular economy

    Start-Ups featuring: Ubuntoo, DropBucket ApS, Interface Polymers and

    Four start-ups will have the chance to present their innovation, followed by panel and Q&A session

    Harnessing sustainability hacking
    Real-time examples how we leverage digital technologies and the principles of network effects to drive a corporate sustainability agenda and help solve the world’s most pressing environmental issues. 
    Peter Schelstraete, Co-Founder and CEO, Ubuntoo, USA

    Turning the  waste problem on festivals up-side-down
    Waste problem on festival
    Changing peoples mindset
    Winning the world most famous design
    Heiða Gunnarsdóttir Nolsøe, DropBucket ApS, Denmark 

    Polarfins giving value to mixed plastics waste
    Re use of multi-layer plastic films back into plastic films
    New compatabilisation chemistry
    Overcoming challenges of mixed plastic waste  streams 
    Simon Waddington, Business Development Director, Interface Polymers Ltd., UK

    Smart packaging and recycling to improve consumer engagement
    Helping consumers to recycle smarter
    Increase loyalty solving a consumer pain
    Valuable consumer behaviour data
    Overcoming challenges for a green branding
    Ivan Gonzalez, CEO, Recycl3R, Spain

    Panel and Q&A session 


  7. Scaling-up circular solutions to plastic waste. How to address the plastic waste issue in an effective, sustainable and scalable manner?

    Pablo Fernandez | Director of Climate Services at BVRio, Market Outreach Lead at the 3R Initiative of BVRio, The 3R Initiative, Switzerland

  8. Changing the future, one package at a time - how sustainable the hp digital technology is and how sustainable packaging will become

    Xavier Melisse | WW Inkologist of HP, Belgium

  9. Chair’s closing remark

  10. End of conference