Global packaging EPR developments – How EPR fees impact packaging design and corporate sustainability

If you are a brand owner, retailer and/or manufacturer of packaging and products, you are impacted by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fees and/or taxes. 

13:30 - 17:00

On the afternoon of 29 October 2018, this masterclass will take a closer look at what extended producer responsibility chemes in different parts of the world truly cost – including Canada, Asia and Europe. It will evaluate how these programmes may change as new policies are introduced, including the revised Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive in Europe and movements to full EPR in parts of Canada.

Fees are altering as new studies arise that require the actual costs of recycling different materials to be incorporated into EPR schemes. There are also movements to add more modulating fees that would give producers credit for using recycled content and penalties for disruptive packaging designs. This masterclass will investigate how EPR fees are structured to provide tools for companies to understand these costs. Modified fees send signals to producers about packaging design, and this session will discuss why companies must have an in-depth understanding of fees in order to integrate them into the cost of goods and reflect them in their design protocol.

Attendees will also learn about tools that are available to help companies measure their sustainability goals. The workshop will exemplify how these tools allow companies to use data from fee reports to automatically calculate both internal and external sustainability metrics such as greenhouse gas emissions, recycled content percentages, packaging-to-product ratios and more.

Significant legislative changes occurred in the beginning of 2018 in this area, especially in Europe and Canada, and this masterclass will address how these changes are affecting the environmental packaging industry as a whole moving forward.


Hear these crucial business insights from Victor Bell, President of Environmental Packaging International (EPI) on the afternoon of 29 October 2018