Ecoembes Site Visit

*** Unfortunately the site visit has now sold out ***

Ecoembes is the non-profit organization that cares for the environment through the recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain. Thanks to the coordination of the agents involved in the recycling process -Companies, Citizens, Administration and Recyclers-, we have been protecting the environment for 20 years by making possible for packaging to be recycled.

During the visit we will explain all the light packaging waste sorting processes that have contributed to reach the recycling rate to 76% in Spain by 2016, completing thus the packaging cycle by giving them a new life far from the landfill.

*Please note that in order to attend the site visit, you must also book onto the 2-day Sustainability in Packaging Europe conference. Places are limited so we advise booking as early as possible to avoid missing out. Ecoembes reserves the right to cancel the tour due to operative reasons - a full refund will be provided if this occurs.


11:00h  Meeting point. Hesperia Tower Hotel
11:10h  Bus departure.  (coach provided by Smithers)
11:30h Arrival at Gavà Sorting plant.
11:40h  Welcome Coffee Break 
12:00h  Ecoembes Collaborative Model (Jorge Serrano presentation)
12:15h  Gavà Sorting Plant 
12:50h  Security consideration reminder. IPEs 
13:00h Plant visit
14:00h  Back to bus
14:10h  Bus departure
14.30h  Arrival at hotel