2018 Speakers

Thank you to all the industry experts who supported Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2018

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  • Philippe Puydarrieux

    IUCN Lead Natural Resource Economist International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

    Philippe Puydarrieux is a conservation economist and policy advisor with an expertise on a range of economic topics related to climate change, biodiversity, conservation finance and development policy. He works currently for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) where he holds the position of Lead Natural Resource Economist. He is currently involved in the IUCN MARPLASTICCs project, a 3-year initiative on marine plastics and coastal communities funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. He is working in particular on the development of a plastic footprint calculator at both country and corporate level.

    Prior joining IUCN, Philippe was head of the global public goods unit in the department in charge of economics at the French Ministry of Environment. In addition to leading the French Assessment of Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services (EFESE), he worked closely on green economy and climate change issues, including innovative finance, links between trade and environment and international governance of natural resources.

    Previously, he has held various positions in the French public sector, including with the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (IRSTEA) and the National Forest Office and worked also for several private companies.

  • Ramon Arratia

    Sustainability Director Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, UK

    Ramon Arratia has 17 years of practical experience in corporate sustainability positions at companies such as Interface, Vodafone, Ericsson and now at Ball Corporation. He is a strong advocate of product sustainability and the circular economy. His focus is on creating ambitious sustainability strategies that deliver core business advantages through reducing carbon footprint, designing out chemicals, accelerating innovations, creating better marketing, redesigning supply chains, and building higher ground cultures. During Ramon's eight years at Interface Europe, the company managed to reduce its GHG emissions by 95 per cent, water use by 78 per cent and its embodied carbon footprint in the supply chain by 39 per cent. His role at Ball concentrates on pushing forward the environmental ambitions of the company, helping the industry to make beverage cans the most sustainable packaging, and influencing policy makers to adopt a more circular economy.

  • Victor Bell

    President Environmental Packaging International (EPI), USA

    Victor is a Certified Packaging Professional with more than 25 years of experience with environmental issues associated with packaging and products. He is a founding member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and has served on its Executive Committee, was a member of the Consumer Goods Forum GPPS project team and served on the US delegation for the development of the ISO standards for packaging design. In April 2018, Victor received the SPC Outstanding Person of the Year award.

    As a recognized expert on global environmental packaging issues, Victor speaks regularly at industry conferences and routinely contributes articles to the leading industry trade publications. He received his MMA (Marine Affairs) and BS (Natural Resource) degrees from the University of Rhode Island and an MS (Urban and Environmental Studies) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  • Horst Bittermann

    President Pro Carton

    Horst manages the MM Karton’s market intelligence system and the classic advertising. His experience includes identifying new applications and markets as well as tailoring the product and service range based on customer needs. He is also responsible for the key account management of major FMCG producer and coordinates the company’s approach to KAM of FMCGs, pharmaceuticals and Retailers.

    Since mid-2018 Horst Bittermann is President of Pro Carton, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard Manufacturers.

    “Fibre based packaging symbolizes the ideal of sustainable packaging and will be the winner of the next decades. Industry associations as Pro Carton play an essential role to promote the advantages of cartonboard to FMCGs, Retailers and consumers. The environmental regulations and rules have to assure a more conscious treatment of the nature with the crystal clear goal to preserve it.”


  • Simon Boas Hoffmeyer

    Director, Group Sustainability Carlsberg Group, Denmark

    Simon has a background within strategy, business development, PR and communications and has been developing business-driven sustainability solutions for more than 10 years, within many different areas such as compliance, reporting, communication, data management and branding. He is currently sustainability director at Carlsberg Group and is among others responsible for the roll out of the sustainability programme Together Towards ZERO. His interest particularly lies in making sustainability relevant and accessible for the consumers, and developing value-chain partnerships to achieve sustainability goals. An example of this includes the development of the world’s first bio based beer bottle – The Green Fiber Bottle.

  • Philippe Bonningue

    Group Global Director of Sustainable Packaging & Development L’ORÉAL, France

    Philippe Bonningue joined L’Oréal in the UK in 1988. Since then, he has been promoted to several positions in different divisions in France, including Building/Processing management, breakthrough Biotechnology project leadership, Pumps/Aerosols Lab management, Packaging Innovation, Technical Packaging & NPD. In 2007, he became Vice-President of Development & Packaging for the North America zone. Starting mid-2013, Philippe’s role has been to establish the vision, the missions and the strategy of the Group for the most responsible packaging activity, in support of the major Sharing Beauty With All worldwide program. Born and educated in France, he is the inventor of more than 15 worldwide patented innovations. 

  • Werner Bosmans

    Coordinator Plastics Strategy European Commission, DG Environment

    Werner Bosmans, a Belgian national, graduated as a Bio-engineer at the University of Ghent, Belgium, and obtained a Ph.D. in international economics in Montpellier, France. He also holds a degree in Public Management.

    After undertaken research at the University of Ghent and at the Belgium Ministry of Agriculture, he worked as assistant to the Secretary-General of the Belgian and Flemish Ministry of Agriculture. He is also a part-time professor at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

    In 2005, he joined the Directorate-General Environment of the European Commission in Brussels. He is responsible for Natural Resource policies, promoting life-cycle thinking to reduce environmental impacts. He helped setting up the International Resource Panel together with UNEP. He is one of the authors of the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe and coordinated follow-up work, such as the European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP). He is now focussing on the Circular Economy and coordinating the development of a Strategy on Plastics.

  • Christophe Boussemart

    Sustainable Manager Nespresso, France

    Christophe Boussemart began his career as a rollercoaster engineer. His time at Nespresso has been equally fast-paced since joining the R&D team 15 years ago. Driven by a combined passion for innovation and sustainability, Christophe was responsible for several inventions to make coffee machines more energy efficient and reduce their environmental impact. The success of these developments sparked an ambition to improve the sustainability of every cup of Nespresso coffee. Today, Christophe is dedicated full-time developing recycling solutions for Nespresso consumers all around the world. The pioneering Nespresso scheme integrates 100,000 collection points in 38 countries in a system which recovers both the aluminium and the valuable coffee grounds, which are converted into nutrient-rich compost or bio-gas. Christophe was also one of the pioneers of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative – an industry-wide collaborative effort towards the goal of sustainably and responsibly sourcing aluminium.

  • Martin Bunce

    Founder and Principal Director Tin Horse Design Ltd., UK

    Martin has some 30 years experience in design, for brands and packaging coming into industrial design via the ‘art’ portal and studied at Central School of Art and Design in London.

    A founding partner of Tin Horse, Martin had a vision for delivering solutions for clients but with the needs of the consumer as the main focus. This is still true today, and has shaped Tin Horse’s mantra of real people, using real things, in real situations. He lives and breathes brand design, and his passion has always been recycling and sustainability, before sustainability even had a name, and how this will impact structural design. 

  • Emanuele Burgin

    ADTS & Innovation Manager, PP Europe LyondellBasell, Italy

    Emanuele Burgin received a Master’s of Science Degree in Industrial Chemistry in 1984 from the University of Bologna. 

    He is presently Application Development, Technical Service and Innovation Manager, PP Europe, at LyondellBasell.   The segments he’s currently dealing with are Pipes and Sheets, Healthcare and Caps & Closures, Consumer and Rigid Packaging.

    He started his career in 1987 at the Research Center Giulio Natta, Ferrara, Italy (LyondellBasell and predecessors), where he carried out several assignments in R&D PP Product and Applications Development, then in Additives and Formulations and finally in Polybutene-1 Product Development. 

    Between 2004 and 2014 he has been appointed Deputy President of the Province of Bologna and delegated to Environment and Green and Circular Economy.

  • Dr. Mark Caul

    Technical Manager for Packaging Tesco, UK

    Dr Mark Caul joined Tesco from M&S in October 2011, with the ambition to provide thought leadership on Tesco’s Packaging strategy.  A Materials Engineer by training, he has previously spent time in diverse industries such as Forestry, Nuclear Energy, and Civil Engineering before settling into a packaging career with over 10 of those years spent as senior packaging technologist at M&S.

    Mark also is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Environmentalist and a Fellow of the Institute of Materials and sits on the board of the UK Packaging Society. 

    He is a keen to encourage innovation, having an open door policy for everyone with a good idea, whether this is a customer, a student, a packaging company, a food company, a college, or indeed the entrepreneurs.

    The end consumer drives Marks passion for the packaging industry whilst safety remains at the core of everything he does – something that he would like to believe he has a renowned expertise for.

    Sustainability is clearly the biggest thing on his mind, and although apparently quite on conference scene as well as other public forums, mark has been working diligently in the background on change initiatives within Tesco, but also as a member of government and industry working groups.

    He currently lives in the sculpture Town of Harlow, has been married without the certificate for 28 years, fusses over his 2 cats, is an avid reader of ‘rubbish novels’, enjoys all short cuts to ‘easy gardening’, and watches ‘far too much television’.  On a serious note, he also enjoys putting something back into the industry that has given him a career; for example encouraging start-up companies and mentoring others.

  • Sebastien Corbeil

    President and CEO CelluForce, Canada

    Sebastien Corbeil is President and CEO of CelluForce.  He joined the company in 2015 to speed up the commercialisation of Cellulose NanoCrystals, an advanced biomaterial extracted from wood fibers.  Mr. Corbeil has more than 20 years of international management experience. Prior to joining CelluForce, Mr Corbeil held several leadership positions in water treatment and bioenergy with the SUEZ Group in Europe where he developed new products, launched new business units and helped reposition group companies.  He returned to Canada in 2013 and served as Vice-President for EnGlobe Corp, in charge of a major acquisition project to double the size of the company.  Mr Corbeil started his career as a research engineer in pulp and paper with industrial gas giant Air Liquide in Chicago.  Mr. Corbeil holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in chemical engineering from McGill University, as well as a MBA from DePaul University. He is a Board Member of PRIMA Quebec, an advanced materials research and innovation hub based in Montreal.

  • Robert Corijn

    Manager Attero B.V., The Netherlands

    Robert is working in the recycling industry for over eight years. He has helped develop Attero’s plants to separate packaging waste from municipal solid waste, develop the plant to sort it into monostreams and realize the plant to wash, flake and granulate it into new resources for the packaging industry. He is also responsible for shaping public policy at Attero, working closely with governments, EPR-schemes and producers to build the circular economy.

    Robert has University Master degrees in both Business Administration and in Knowledge Management.

  • Phil Davidson

    Global Sustainability Director HAVI

    Phil is responsible for providing environmental and sustainable sourcing expertise to support the implementation of innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions within the McDonald’s packaging supply chain.  Based in the UK, he often operates as a consultant across the wider HAVI global client network.

  • Philippe Diercxsens

    Packaging & Environment Manager Danone Waters, Belgium

    Philippe Diercxsens is a Belgian citizen and holds a PhD degree in eco-toxicology of the Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Switzerland. He works since January 1999 as Packaging and Environment Manager at DANONE Beverages Division.

    He is chair of the Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs work group of EUROPEN, the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment as well as co-chair of the Sustainable Food Systems work group of FoodDrinkEurope (FDE).

  • Martyn Eustace

    Chairman Two Sides, UK

    During his long career in the paper industry, Martyn Eustace has gained a wealth of experience having held a variety of senior management positions.

    After a period in manufacturing with Domtar, Martyn moved to distribution as CEO of Howard Smith Paper, and in 2004 he moved to Map Merchant Group as CEO of Premier Paper. He is a member of PwCs’ turnaround panel and is Managing Director of Newvizion, an independent business consultancy.  

    In 2008 he created the Two Sides initiative which promotes the sustainability of the Print and Paper Value chain and which now operates in Europe, the US, Australia and South Africa.

    Martyn has served as President of the UK Paper Industry Charitable Trust and has been President of the UK’s National Association of Paper Merchants (NAPM). He has served on the Board of EUGROPA, the European Paper Merchants Association and has been a Council member of PRIMA, the Paper and Related Industries Marketing Association.

  • Andreas Gemes

    Marketing Manager Circular Economy Solutions Borealis AG, Austria


    Andreas Gémes is Head of Marketing Circular Economy Solutions at Borealis AG. Andreas has worked in business, academia and well as in the public sector and has been focussing on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. Before joining Borealis in 2014, he pursued a career as management consultant and advised corporates, SME, start-ups and the public sector. Andreas holds a Ph.D. and an MBA with focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Johan Granås

    Head of Sustainability Iggesund Paperboard

    As longtime product manager of the Iggesund Paperboard flagship product Invercote Johan has met numerous brand owners and converters looking for sustainable packaging.  Since a few years Johan switched professional path to focus his efforts on developing Iggesunds sustainability work

  • Timothy Grant

    Director Lifecycles, Australia

    Tim Grant is a specialist in life cycle assessment (LCA) with sixteen years’ experience developing and applying LCA with a wide range of companies and organisations.

    Tim was founding member and president of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS), and co-authored the book Life Cycle Assessment: Practices, Principles and Prospects (CSIRO, 2009). Tim works across many different sectors in LCA including packaging, agriculture, energy, fuels, water products, buildings and waste management. In addition, he has worked on the development of LCA databases for Australia.

  • Dr. Karlheinz Hausmann

    TS&D Fellow, Sustainability, P&SP Dow Europe GmbH, Switzerland

    Dr Karlheinz Hausmann, RTS&D Fellow, Sustainability, P&SP with Dow Europe holds a doctoral degree in Material Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland and  has more than  28 years of experience in ethylene copolymers. He joined DuPont in 1987 in the W&C group which was part of PPD and then moved to Specialty Polymers until P&IP was founded, Here he had a number of R&D and Technical and Market  Development assignments including packaging, polymer modifcication  and automotive applications. Currently he is part of the DuPont Performance Materials Technical R&D  Organisation in Meyrin  Switzerland and specialist for polymer modification and  compatibilisation. He is leading sustainable packaging polymer developments developing new packaging concepts including renewable type of solutions. In this function he is also heavily involved in novel concepts for meat packaging using coextrudable adhesives and Ionomer resins. He is one of the receipients of the 2014 Pedersen Awards and is holding the position of global sustainability technology leader of DuPont Performance Materials packaging organization.

  • Graham Houlder

    Project Co-ordinator CEFLEX project, The Netherlands

    Graham is the Managing Director of SLOOP Consulting B.V. which has been offering consulting services and tools in the field of packaging and sustainability.

    He is the Project Co-ordinator for CEFLEX (a Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), a collaboration from across the flexible packaging value chain to make flexible packaging even more relevant in the circular economy.

    Since 2011 he has also been retained by the Flexible Packaging Europe association as Sustainability Director. Prior to 2009, he worked for Unilever for 23 years with a wide range of responsibilities including: R&D, Packaging management and design, Supply chain restructuring, Sustainability and CSR.

    He is recognised as one of the industry thought leaders for sustainable packaging and is one of the 13 founding members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

  • Virginia Janssens

    Managing Director EUROPEN, Belgium

    Virginia Janssens is Managing Director for the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) since July 2012. EUROPEN is a unique cross-sectoral EU industry association in Brussels, presenting the opinion of the packaging supply chain in Europe, without favouring any specific material or system. EUROPEN members are comprised of multinational corporate companies spanning the packaging value chain (raw material producers, converters and brand owners) plus six national packaging organizations all committed to continuously improving the environmental performances of packaged products, in collaboration with their suppliers and customers. www.europen-packaging.eu

    Prior to joining EUROPEN in January 2010 as EU Affairs Manager, Ms Janssens acquired considerable experience in the Brussels arena working both as a public affairs and public relations consultant for various clients coming from the environment, food, chemical and energy sectors. Ms Janssens obtained a master’s degree in Political & Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and a second master’s degree in Intercultural Management at the ICHEC Business School in Brussels.

  • Päivi Jokinen

    VP Foodservice Board Stora Enso

    Päivi Jokinen has worked at Stora Enso in the foodservice board area since 2016. Prior to that, she worked in various functional roles at a global chemicals company and as a strategy and marketing head at International Paper Europe.  Päivi loves the lush green forests, biking, skiing, running and traveling.

  • Dr. Michael Langen

    Managing Director HTP GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Michael LANGEN is an engineer working in the recycling industry for about three decades now. The professional career started with high-profile R&D projects in packaging-sorting and plastic-recycling particularly. The research work finally led to a full-scale demonstration plant at the World Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany. In the 1990ies Michael co-founded the engineering company HTP which is now Germany´s leading independent engineering service provider and among the top 10 in Europe in sorting and recycling of solid waste streams. HTP has maintained is independence from waste management companies, EPC-and building contractors. Thus, today experts of HTP are frequently assigned by investors, such as financing institutions or waste management companies as well as legal courts or state administration to give expertise and to deliver engineering services. In 2014, the shareholders of HTP co-founded the Institute cyclos-HTP.

  • Christine Levêque

    Director Business Innovation Benelux & Germany SUEZ, Belgium

    Christine is the  Director Business Innovation for the business unit Recycling & Recovery Benelux and Germany at SUEZ.  In her function, Christine leads a team of developers facilitating and accelerating the emergence of new business ventures in those four countries.  The last years have seen her successfully focussing on projects related to the recycling of plastics.

    Christine holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U-Mons Polytechnical faculty in Belgium.  From the revamping of nuclear power plants to the develoment of biogas stations, Christine spent half of her career taking care of the energy resources, before making the move in 2007 towards the material resources and associated waste recycling business.

    Christine lives in Belgium with her husband and two children, in a country where she hopes to see all packaging plastics being soon collected selectively in an apart bin for material recycling, as it is already the case in neighbour countries.

  • Malin Ljung Eiborn

    Director Sustainability and Public Affairs BillerudKorsnäs, Sweden

    Malin is director for Sustainability and Public Affairs at Billerudkorsnäs. BillerudKorsnäs focuses on offering the packaging market sustainable materials (world-leading paper and board material) and solutions that increase customers’ profitability while at the same time improving the overall environmental impact. BillerudKorsnäs have been included in one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability indices; Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (2017). In addition, BillerudKorsnäs are named Sustainability Leader in the Containers & Packaging category. BillerudKorsnäs also features on the 2017 Climate A-list of CDP.

    Malin has extensive experience from government, regulatory and EU-affairs as well as on sustainability issues. Prior to joining BillerudKorsnäs, Malin was a consultant in sustainability and public affairs at communication agency Prime in Stockholm. Before Prime, Malin worked as a civil servant within the Swedish government and as a diplomat in Brussels. She has over ten years’ experience in managing complex processes, negotiating legislation and lobbying within the EU institutions and the Swedish government.

    Malin has a law degree from Linköping and an LLM in EU-law from the University of Kent in UK.

  • Dana Mosora

    Founder Dana Mosora Consulting GmbH (former Dow Chemical), Switzerland

    Dana Mosora holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest (Romania) and an MBA in Marketing from Colorado State University (US).

    Her professional experience ranges from applied research in cosmetics, to consumer marketing in Colgate Palmolive and Sara Lee in US and Europe and plastic packaging value chain in Europe and Africa.

    With Dow Chemical between 2007 and 2016, she led the Value Chain Engagement for the European Division of Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics and eventually headed the European, Middle East and Africa Sustainability and Advocacy initiatives for the business.

    She is now the founder of DANA MOSORA Consulting, a company dedicated to driving the Circular Economy for Plastic Packaging and works as consultant for the European CEFLEX consortium.

    As legacy project, she created in 2017 the ASASE Foundation in Accra, Ghana. The foundation is helping entrepreneur women from under-privileged communities to start social enterprises in recycling plastic packaging and deviate it from urban and marine littering.


  • Lena Nover

    European Business & Sustainability Manager Metal Packaging Europe, Belgium

    As a member of the senior management team, Lena Nover represents Metal Packaging Europe with European institutions, NGOs, and other stakeholders. She has led the Circular Economy work programme since 2016.

    Lena manages the environmental and sustainability activities and advises the Board and the members on packaging legislation and Circular Economy business developments, with a particular focus on LCAs, Product Environmental Footprint, recycling and EPR.

  • Jim Ormond

    Senior Consultant Article 13, UK

    Dr Jim Ormond is a leading sustainability professional. He has worked as a senior consultant at Article 13 for the past decade across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His expertise is supporting organisations to develop and implement their sustainability and corporate responsibility strategies, specifically focusing on the issues which matter most to their business, stakeholders and wider societal and planetary sustainability. Clients includes FTSE 100 and Fortune Global 100 companies in the agri-food; energy; oil and gas; mining; pharmaceutical; retail sectors and government bodies. His PhD was on using life cycle assessment to identify and measure environmental and social impact. He is certified in product carbon footprinting and also lectures on corporate responsibility at Reading University. Jim and Jane Fiona Cumming (co-founder of Article 13) have led Article 13’s practitioner research on how businesses are measuring and disclosing impact against Planetary Boundaries and Social Thresholds for the past 7 years.

  • Willemijn Peeters

    CEO Searious Business, The Netherlands

    Willemijn Peeters received a Masters in Business at Nyenrode University. She founded Searious Business in 2016. 
    She has over 14 years of experience in changing companies to a more sustainable business model. Her experience includes game changing, innovating, program management, business developing and finance. The basis for the latter mainly stems from being a business controller at the EMEA head-office of Philips Healthcare for two years. 

    Searious Business is a social enterprise, committed to prevent plastics from ending up in our environment. The business stands out by using disruptive innovation at the intersection of technology, sustainability and social change. Searious Business is passionate about improving effectiveness of for-profit organizations as agents of change. Creating innovative, economically advantageous alternatives at the source, Searious Business collaborates with companies to strategically assess plastics use and reduce external impacts on ocean ecosystems. As a game changer in the world of plastics and the Ocean Ambassador of the Netherlands, Willemijn Peeters gained track record as:

    - Winner of Plastics Recycling Europe Award 2018;
    - 1 of 12 Green Solution Providers of the European Commission; 
    - Initiator of circular product line: 276pieces.com; 
    - Reverse logistics in packaging for several companies; 
    - Co-developer of Oceans and Plastics Platform from IUCN; 
    - Leader in Sustainable Top 100 in the Netherlands;
    - Winner of Energy Globe Award of the Netherlands 2018;
    - High-level speaker for the UN, at finish Volvo Ocean race, on Our Ocean Conference & at World Conservation Congress.

  • Dr. Gerald Rebitzer

    Sustainability Director Amcor, Switzerland

    As Director Sustainability Gerald Rebitzer is responsible for Sustainability at Amcor Flexibles Europe, Middle East and Africa and Amcor Flexibles Americas. This role encompasses both environmental management and social responsibility from an operations perspective as well as working with customers and suppliers to enhance the performance of the packaging solutions Amcor provides to the food, home-, medical- and personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. A major focus of his work is the creation of tangible customer value from Amcor’s sustainability program and leveraging this to improve customer relationships and profitability.

    From 2007 to 2009 he was head of product-related sustainability management at Alcan Packaging, globally. Prior to this, he had several roles related to EHS and sustainability within Alcan, focusing on the various aluminium production and fabrication businesses (2003 – 2007). Gerald has over 20 years of experience in implementing sustainability initiatives and life cycle approaches in sectors such as Packaging, Building and Construction, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, and Metals.

    He holds a Ph.D. in Life Cycle Management from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University Berlin. He is editor for The International Journal of LCA, member of the Executive Committee of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and chairman of the Sustainability Committee of Flexible Packaging Europe. Gerald was also member of the Steering Committee of the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol’s Product and Supply Chain Initiative and was active in the board of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. Gerald has published more than 120 papers in the area of life cycle thinking and sustainability and regularly speaks at international conferences.

  • Brad Rodgers

    Global R&D Director – Foods Packaging Discovery PepsiCo Advanced Research, USA

    Brad is a 25 year veteran of the plastics and packaging industry. He currently is the R&D Director of Sustainable Packaging and Materials Research for PepsiCo Advanced Research where his responsibilities include the development of next generation packaging materials that will have a better overall impact on the environment.

    Brad currently holds thirteen patents for various packaging applications and he has authored or co-authored several papers and published articles in the area of barrier food packaging.He is currently working on the development of advanced barrier technologies for bio-based packaging.

  • Stephan Roest

    Market Development Manager Corbion Group, The Netherlands

    Stephan Roest is the market development manager for Corbion’s Innovation Plastforms group. In this role he is responsible for developing the business for Corbion’s Innovation Platforms portfolio, of which FDCA for PEF bioplastic is one of them.  Stephan started his career working for 8 years in consultancy, of which he worked 7 years at PwC as sustainability consultant. With a passion to accelerate the circular- and biobased economy, he stepped over to the fully biobased and truly sustainable chemical company: Corbion in 2015. Corbion is involved in the manufacturing of biobased food ingredients, biobased chemicals and biobased plastics, and for that matter fully biobased and circular. Stephan Roest has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at Utrecht University, a Master’s degree in Policy Analysis, Systems Engineering and Management at Delft University and an Executive MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management

  • Camille Rosay

    Sustainability Consultant Quantis, France

    Camille is a Sustainability Consultant at Quantis France. She graduated from Ecole polytechnique and Ecole des Mines ParisTech as a generalist engineer. Her studies brought her experience in the fields of economics, innovation and strategy. After graduation, Camille worked for the Investor Relation Department of the French media group TF1, where she was also involved in the group's CSR approach by contributing to reporting to various extra-financial rating agencies.

    At Quantis since 2016, her interest in sustainable development linked to her knowledge of companies help her supporting strategic changes tailored to today's environmental and societal challenges.

    Her assignments at Quantis include the environmental and social assessment of product portfolio, bio-based polymers environmental footprint and packaging LCAs, as well as corporate footprint calculation. Through these topics and projects, she collaborates with many sectors (such as food, hotel industry, finance...), and in particular with the cosmetics industry. Helping organizations define and deploy their eco-design approach is at the core of her work at Quantis.

  • Lisa Rydén

    Recycling Director Tetra Pak

    Lisa is a member of the Tetra Pak’s Environment Management team. She leads the global recycling strategy of post-consumer beverage cartons. Key responsibilities include target setting, performance follow-up, partnerships with value chain players to develop and improve recycling solutions, and centre of expertise.


    Lisa is active in The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE), the European association for beverage carton producers on questions related to recycling and circularity. She is representing ACE in CEFLEX, the collaborative project of a European consortium of companies and associations, with the mission to make flexible packaging more relevant to the circular economy.


    Lisa is Swedish and based in Lund, Sweden. She holds an MSc in Industrial Management and Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. She has completed the Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability Programme in 2016 at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Lisa joined Tetra Pak in 2005 and has previously held two Environment function positions within R&D and Services.

  • Fatma Sahin

    European External Affairs Manager Unilever, Belgium

    Fatma joined Unilever’s European External Affairs team in 2017. She is responsible for the Home and Beauty & Personal Care Portfolio. As part of her role Fatma also deals with Circular Economy including sustainable packaging. She obtained her law degree from the University of Maastricht, with a specialisation in EU Law. Fatma is a seasoned EU public affairs expert, with amongst others previous experience of over 10 years in representing the retailers’ interests in Brussels.

  • Staffan Sjöberg

    PR Manager and Sustainability Coordinator Iggesund Paperboard

    Staffan has been part of the sustainability movement within the paper and packaging industry from the start. With a journalist background Staffan is well acquainted with fact based communication in the sustainability field.

  • Ola Skalska

    Project Manager FundingBox, Ireland

    Ola Skalska (female), Project Manager at FundingBox, Graduated from International Relations at University of Lodz, Poland and holds a Diplome d’Etudes Universitaires Francaises from Lyon, France. Currently, enrolled at the Stanford University (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate).

    Ola has started her professional career in 2006 at the Technology Transfer Centre in Cracow, Poland by managing FP6 Regional Innovation Strategy for the Malopolska region. Since 2009, she’s been involved in multiple R&D, innovation and startup related projects on national and international scale, obtaining over 50 million Euros for external clients. In 2011 she has completed a business programme built around a product market launch for Sumitomo 3M in Tokyo, Japan. A year later she created her own company in Singapore and sold it successfully in 2016. Presently, a Project Manager for C-Voucher - the project funded by the European Commission (Horizon2020), aiming at reshaping the traditional value chains with the circular economy approach.

  • Paul Skehan

    Senior Director EU, Public Policy, Government Affairs & Communications PepsiCo Europe Sub-Saharan Africa, Belgium

    Paul joined PepsiCo on in September 2017.  Prior to that he acted as Director General of spiritsEUROPE for 5 years, Director of the European Retail Round Table (ERRT) for 4 years, and as Deputy Secretary General of Eurochambres for 10 years.  Before joining Eurochambres, Paul worked as CEO of the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland, having spent several years before that in the Irish Industrial Development Authority – responsible for attracting and developing industry in Ireland.

    He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Dublin, and an MBA from UBI/Mercer University. 

    As a student, he also worked as a chimney sweep, proof reader, house painter, grape picker, seller of In Dublin magazine and merchandiser.

  • Stephane Tondo

    President APEAL, Belgium

    Stéphane Tondo is Chief Marketing Officer for the Packaging and Energy segments at ArcelorMittal and the current President of APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging.

    After an early career as a sales engineer in Germany, he joined ArcelorMittal in 1998 holding positions as market development engineer, key-account manager and regional head of automotive sales before assuming his current position in October 2013. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Marketing from the Esidec-ICN business school in Metz, France.

  • Hans van Bochove

    Vice-President Public Affairs Europe Coca-Cola European Partners, Belgium

    Hans is the Vice-President Public Affairs Europe at Coca-Cola European Partners. Amongst his responsibilities is the company’s packaging and recycling policy. He joined the Coca-Cola system in 1998, serving as the Director of Public Affairs and Communications in The Netherlands for nine years. In this capacity, he was responsible for the company’s transition from refillable to non-refillable/recyclable PET bottles. He also developed a sustainable policy and published the first public societal report within the Coca-Cola system. From 2007 to 2011 Hans was the Director of Public Affairs, Communications and CSR at Starbucks Coffee Company for the Europe, Middle-East and Africa. He then returned to Coca-Cola to his current role, and since March 2017 also serves as the Chairman of the European Organization for Packaging and Environment (EUROPEN). Hans holds a master degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam/Rotterdam School of Management.

  • Karen van de Stadt

    Packaging Expert Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging, The Netherlands

    Karen van de Stadt has been an packaging expert at the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging since 2013. Before that she was leader of the prevention department of the Dutch producer responsibility organisation Nedvang. She has started her career as a packaging developer and worked on packaging development and design for several brands. Karen van de Stadt has studied packaging design (The Hague) and packaging management (Gouda).

  • Sien Van de Wiele

    Communications Officer Metal Packaging Europe Metal Packaging Europe, Belgium

    Since beginning 2017, Sien has been part of the communications team of Metal Packaging Europe. They develop creative and compelling initiatives to communicate about the many benefits of metal packaging towards brand owners, retailers and consumers across Europe. Amongst others, Sien manages the social media project “Cans For Life”, which has seen great results in fanbase and engagement during the last years.

    Sien is ever enthusiastic about finding solutions to reduce one’s impact on planet earth and therefore loves spreading the word on how metal packaging is a recycling hero.


  • Hélène Villecroze

    Eco-design Manager CHANEL, France

    Helene Villecroze is in charge of eco-design within the Innovation, Development and Purchasing Department of Chanel Fragrance and Beauty. Her previous experiences include 20 years of make-up product development, first for Yves Saint Laurent, then for Chanel Fragrance & Beauty since 2004.

  • Dr Liz Wilks

    European director, sustainability & stakeholder outreach Asia Pulp & Paper

    Dr Liz Wilks has a depth of knowledge in paper, packaging, supply chain management, and sustainability, with more than fifteen years of industry experience. Her previous role was with Antalis International as global CSR director. Joining Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) in 2010, Liz’s current role involves communications with stakeholders, media, and customers on APP’s operations including the continued development of the business’ zero deforestation commitments. Liz is now also actively involved in sustainable livelihoods and habitat conservation. For 10 years, Dr Wilks was an active member of the British Retail Consortium Technical Advisory Committee for the global standard for packaging and packing materials. With an MA in strategic marketing, Liz was awarded a PhD in international packaging standards in 2012, in which she reviewed the benefits of self-regulation and developed a model for compliance to complement this due diligence process. Her involvement has now extended to being on the benchmarking committee for the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for all standard setting, involvement in PEFC (international forestry scheme), European timber regulations, European commission-Product Environmental Footprint (PEFCR).

  • Colin Yates

    Packaging Sustainability Director Global Petcare Mars GmbH, Germany

    Educated at Newcastle University with a background in Polymer Sciences. Colin Yates worked within the plastics industry for a range of end-use applications before joining Mars Food in the UK in 1993 leading a small packaging team. Following successful project launches including the first commercial use of In-Mould labelling for chilled sauce containers, and the development and launch of Uncle Ben’s Express Rice pouches, Colin joined the Mars Food team in Australia.

    On completion of a 3 year assignment, Colin returned to the UK within a Technical leadership role within the European packaging team in Petcare, transferring  to Germany in 2006 to head up the European packaging team. In July 2015 he moved to the current role to accelerate our packaging sustainability agenda.

  • Armel Yver

    Sustainability Director Shiseido, EMEA

    Armel YVER is Sustainability Director for Shiseido EMEA. As part of his role, Armel manages the sustainability strategy of Shiseido Group in the EMEA region and more specificaly the sustainability roadmap of the Fragrance division.

    Founded in 1872 in Japan, Shiseido is one of the top leading cosmetics companies in the world and aims to inspire a life of beauty and culture. Operating in about 120 countries with 45 000 employees and 70 nationalities, Shiseido offers a unique selection of skin care, makeup and fragrance resulting in over 1 trillion yen of net sales in 2017.