Smithers Membership Packages

Did you know Smithers offer company membership packages which include free passes to conferences and more?

Our company membership packages enables your company to have tailored industry content through a dedicated portal with access to industry whitepapers, presentations, books, discounts, free conference tickets, training resources and research time with our consultants.

Gain all these benefits for your company by signing up to your choice of 10 industry membership packages:

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Join the growing ranks of leading companies signing up for our membership and benefiting from the massive savings and exclusive content on offer. Each company membership will include: 

  • Member insights - these include in-depth technical and business white papers and audio-visual guides to the some of the world's most dynamic global market segments from Smithers Pira
  • Access to the Smithers Base- unmetered access to the complete Smithers base archive of more than 750,000 abstracts spanning over 40 years
  • 16 hours of personal researcher time for your business with one of our expert team
  • 3 free conference places to be redeemed against Smithers conferences 
  • Exclusive 10% member discount on all Smithers Apex and Smithers Pira Publications
  • Access to all past proceedings for conference and training 
  • Industry related published books & ebooks 

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