Sustainability in Packaging EU Sponsors

Aquapak develops and manufactures hydrophilic polymer resin pellets that are marine-safe and non-toxic. They enable users to maintain the primary function of their products whilst designing in end-of-life such as recyclability and anaerobic digestion.

Aquapak polymer can be used on its own to replace traditional, hydrophobic polymers or combined with other materials to create products and packaging solutions for many different industries.

We’re committed to change by producing multi-functional polymers that promote the circular economy. Most importantly, they don’t add to the world’s plastic crisis; they help to solve it.  For example, where single-use items are needed in logistics and hygiene, Aquapak polymer can be used to create the right combination of materials so that a required ‘single-use’ can be significantly mitigated by downstream intelligent disposal and processes.

Our pellets can be used in most thermoplastic processes so no new equipment is needed. They can be used to produce blown-film, extrusion coating, lamination to paper or board and injection mouldings. 

The natural properties of our polymer give multiple end-of-life product options to allow safe disposal wherever or whatever their final fate. The hydrophilic nature and solubility enables speedy and safe environmental assimilation and leaves just water, carbon dioxide and mineralised biomass.  

Aquapak polymer can be disposed of during anaerobic or aerobic digestion as well as the wash cycles in standard laundry, recycling washes and repulping processes. This means that other materials, when combined with our polymer, can also be recycled or disposed of more easily.