YUPO Europe GmbH

Sustainability in Packaging EU Sponsors

Headquartered in Japan, with production lines in Japan and in the United States, YUPO has been offering high quality synthetic papers for 50 years. A global leader in its market, YUPO is always creating new products to follow customer demands and market trends with a special focus on sustainability and environmental-friendliness.  

With a “no-waste production” and fully recyclable Polypropylene-based materials, Yupo is contributing to the idea of a circular economy.

The synthetic papers manufactured by YUPO combine the best print quality of premium papers with the high durability and strength of plastic films, adding an unrivalled smooth surface and offers a wide range of applications:

Self-adhesive face stock, In-Mold Labels, tags, adhesion film without glue, material for commercial print applications such as maps, catalogues, menus, manuals and more.