Webinar Invite

Webinar Invite: The 'Magic Triangle' of Fibre Based Packaging
Join UPM and Smithers Experts in Our Free Webinar  

Webinar Date: Tuesday, 15 June 2021
Time: 11am - 12pm UTC+8
Format: Online Webinar

Have you set targets to improve the sustainability of your packaging? Join UPM Specialty Papers and Smithers’ experts for this 60-minute webinar to discover firsthand insights and collaborative ideas that can be applied to your future business strategy!

Don't wait any longer to register for FREE! Don't miss out this chance to gain new perspectives, support the sharing of ideas, and deliver upon the promise of increased sustainability within the commercial packaging industry. 

Topics That Will Be Covered In This Webinar Include:
  • The brand challenge: meeting consumer requirements for sustainability, performance and food safety in packaging
  • Sustainability benefits and advantages for fibre based packaging
  • Meeting food safety requirements through fibre based packaging
  • Co-creation across the value chain to deliver the whole package
  • And more...

The event will be done in cooperation with UPM Specialty Papers and we use the GoToWebinar tool.
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