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Multi-Stakeholder Problem Solving Workshop

Date - 18 November 2020 (Online Workshop)

Time - 1.30pm-4:30pm GMT / 2.30pm-5.30pm CET / 8.30-12.30 EST

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Working collaboratively is a key aspect of making sure that we move packaging towards circularity and in this workshop, you will find out more about what a successful collaborative project looks like from some of the brands and packaging companies involved. Attendees will gain practical insights from both North American and European companies through presentations, interactive breakout group exercises, and Q&A segments.

The Plastic & Laminate Tube Recycling Project is engaging the full value chain: machinery and component suppliers, converters, brands, EPR/packaging organisations, material recovery facilities, and recyclers, to align on the path to recyclability for these packages. Using knowledge of HDPE and PP rigid packaging recycling streams, efforts include aligning plastic and laminate tube design guidelines for recyclability in both North America and Europe. The stakeholder group is assessing design for recycling considerations for tubes used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and household applications and seeks to understand and address barriers for collection and sortation of tubes. The workshop will show how a collaborative approach, even among competitors, can address and solve the complex challenges of moving packaging toward circularity, including:

  • Technical agreement on the parameters of recyclable plastic and laminate tube design;
  • Collaborative approach to testing in order to assess compatibility with the existing recycled plastic fraction; and,
  • Collective engagement of critical stakeholders, like the Producer Responsibility Organisations and Plastics Recyclers Europe

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear our in-depth case study and find practical takeaways to implement within your future packaging development.  

Tutor Biographies:

Adrian Sen, Regional Packaging Sustainability Manager, Colgate

Adrian Sen joined Colgate-Palmolive (CP) in August 2020 as a Sustainability Manager for Europe with a Packaging Engineer Background.

With experience in packaging development, supply chain and upstream technologies, Adrian is now involved in developing key partnerships across the value chain and managing open innovation through CP internal program.

He was previously Packaging Manager at Johnson & Johnson, where he led the implementation of an end-to-end Supply Chain transformation program and managed a cross-functional team. To help drive cross-sector collaboration, Adrian is recently involved at RecyClass and is also a member of the Packaging Task Force at the A.I.S.E. He is active in other industry associations such as the AIM for Holy Grail 2.0, Expra (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance). Adrian holds an EMBA Degree from the University of Basel, an MS in Packaging Technology from the University of Berlin, and completed the Oxford Sustainability Leadership Program in 2020. In his free time, Adrian enjoys mountain biking, traveling and is a member of a local nonprofit initiative to support the people of Raja Ampat in their pursuit for sustainability. 

Gilles Swyngedauw, Marketing, Innovation & Sustainability Vice President, Albea

Gilles Swyngedauw joined Albea Group in 2017 as VP Innovation and Sustainability. At Albea, his main mission was to reinforce and develop the Albea CSR Program. In particular, Gilles is reshaping with his team the products sustainability strategy with the goal to have 100% of the Albea Group portfolio circular by 2025.

Prior to joining Albea, Gilles had several positions in Operations, R&D, Technical and Marketing in Pechiney, Alcan that was acquired by Amcor in 2008.

Gilles spend 12 years in Asia with Alcan/Amcor and prior to that was working in Europe with close relationships with his US counterparts.

Dr. Peter Schkoda, Head of Global Sales Tubes, PackSys Global AG

In June of 2019, Peter Schkoda joined Packsys Global as Head of Global Sales Tubes. Along with holding an Executive MBA from the Simon Business School and a PhD in Food Process Engineering, Peter has extensive managerial experience leading SME and business units in the packaging industry. At Packsys Global, Peter leads the initiatives to further enhance the performance of tube packaging in the circular economy.