2024 Workshops

Webinar: Formed & moulded fibre packaging

17 April 2024 - 11:00-16:00 GMT - Online - £349 + VAT

With applications spanning egg packaging to automotive parts and fast-food trays, the future prospects for moulded fibre packaging are extremely positive. The market is driven by the growing environmental concerns and public awareness of plastic waste and the need to reduce consumption of single use plastics, with many governments introducing rules and regulations to combat this. Advances in moulded fibre technology are improving the performance and viability of these products which are becoming more durable, versatile, and cost-effective. Coating technologies are opening up new market applications for these pack formats with printing and labelling techniques adding to their opportunities for advancement.

Volume consumption of moulded fibre packaging is estimated at nearly 12 million tonnes in 2023, with a market value of about $4.3 billion, and this is expected to grow at a rate of almost 6% annually over the medium term, reaching over $5.5 billion by 2028, at constant 2022 prices, and representing over 15 million tonnes of material constituting almost 250 billion units.

The introduction of dry moulding and forming technologies, combined with in-mould labelling, represent a major, if somewhat speculative, opportunity for the market which may drive up these growth forecasts even further, especially in the niche market of beverage cup lids where key advances are already being seen.

Moulded fibre is emerging as an alternate packaging substrate for various applications and can utilise a range fibrous materials, including recycled paper, cardboard, bamboo, sugar-cane, wheat straw and other fibres during the manufacturing process. This is increasingly seen as a very sustainable option.

The webinar will focus on key innovation sectors such as paper bottles, which are set to be transformative, as well as current market trends and development, latest advancements in the moulded fibre industry, innovative solutions, novel moulded fibre materials, recycling and much more…

Hear from our leading key industry experts:

  • Sharing their knowledge and new approaches
  • Discussing ideas, industry updates and opportunities on moulded fibre-based packaging
  • Insights into renewable moulded fibre packaging in food and non-food packaging.

Who should attend?

Everyone involved across the packaging value chain i.e. brand owners, converters, regulators, recyclers, global manufacturers, equipment and service providers, suppliers and leading industry experts.

Preliminary Agenda

Market trends and outlook for moulded fibre 

Packaging Megatrends – sustainability and opportunities in moulded fibre
Dr GM Kellie and Steve Harrod, Packaging Consultant, Smithers

Fibre-based packaging industry in action for a circular future
Regulatory Compliance: access to the Market

Applications and innovations 

  • Paper Bottles
  • In-mould labelling
  • High-quality printing
  • Thermoforming
  • Coatings

Advanced technologies 

  • Dry forming technology – Replacing plastics packaging?
  • Novel barrier technologies for fiber-based substrates

Novel fibre materials – what is available? 

Brand and market development - moulded fibre and the brand message

Functional design for product protection

3-D engineering for moulded fibre.. opening all-new applications.

Panel discussion:

  • Future outlook – What are the opportunities for moulded fibre packaging in Europe and globally? Future growth for fiber-based packaging?
  • What are the end-of life options for fibre-based packaging & impact of PPWR?
  • Cost efficiency vs. recycled plastics packaging.
  • EPR systems – drivers for circular fibre based packaging.
  • Key challenges for life cycle assessment of fibre products

Workshop Moderators

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