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For over three decades, Resource Recycling, Inc. has published universally-acclaimed business journals for the $20 billion-per-year recycling industry, including the company's flagship magazine, Resource Recycling. Resource Recycling, Inc.'s publications focus extensively on the latest recycling trends, market analysis, research, equipment and business news for the recycling and waste management industry. We take pride in our position as the leading independent source for quality news and information for recycling and composting businesses, government agencies, waste haulers, and other recycling professionals.

 In addition to Resource Recycling, the company offers the only periodicals focused exclusively on electronics recycling and plastics recycling: E-Scrap News and Plastics Recycling Update, respectively. The latest breaking news for all three publications is covered as it develops, in the weekly Resource Recycling, E-Scrap News and Plastics Recycling Update electronic newsletters. Finally, Resource Recycling, Inc. is the proud sponsor and host of the E-Scrap Conference & Tradeshow and the Plastics Recycling Conference & Tradeshow, designed to be forums and meeting places for the top minds and business leaders in the field.