Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2020 Sponsorship

Lifecycles is the owner and developer of world leading packaging LCA software PIQET. 

PIQET (Packaging Quick Evaluation Tool) allows companies and organisations to undertake an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) of existing and new packaging designs.  

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, an assessment can be undertaken in 30 minutes.

PIQET now includes indicators of circular economy performance, tracks marine litter potential as well as traditional indicators such as climate change, energy, water and pollution-based indicators.   Critically, PIQET allows for a quick and/or detailed assessment of product waste, including food waste arising from the supply chain.

Lifecycles has 20 years’ experience in the area of assessing the sustainability of packaging.  

We also provide LCA consulting across all parts of the supply chain, LCA and circular economy training and customised tool development.