Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2020 Sponsorship

Toyobo manufactures wide range of packaging PET films from high-performance films with a excellent gas barrier function which help extend the shelf life of food, and eco-friendly films made with recycled resin from beverage PET bottles from consumers. Recycled resin accounts for 80 percent of materials, one of the highest rate in the world, used to produce Cycle Clean™.   is widely used for PET bottle labels and packagings, is a product that can help cut emissions of CO2. The film is 12 micrometers , the industry’s thinnest,  which went on the market with worldwide patents since 2012 and during the manufacturing process and reduce waste by realizing thinner packaging. 

Furthermore, Toyobo is developing next-generation packaging films for mono-material-packagings, that are easy to be recycled.