Sustainability in Packaging EU Sponsors

In collaboration with Napco National

Global packaging producer, INDEVCO Group, has developed Sanita Natura® Eco-Friendly Coated Paper Foodservice Packaging to replace unrecyclable foodservice packaging. Sanita Natura uses sustainably-sourced, water-based coated paper as an alternative to PE and wax liners. Developed in collaboration with Napco National and INDEVCO North America, the line includes hot and cold cups, lids, straws, sandwich wrap, bowls, cutlery, bags, and boxes.

For over 60 years, INDEVCO has been guided by our corporate philosophy: “What is good for the community is good for the company”. In addition to paper packaging, we are committed to a circular economy of plastics, as we produce recyclable plastic packaging and mineral fillers, collect and recycle plastic waste from our suppliers and customers, and regenerate the waste into recycled resins and new recycled products.

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