Day One - Tuesday 22 September
Registration and Welcome
Opening remarks from the chair
Section 1: Trend and future of Asia market on e-commerce and packaging
Section 2: Regulatory landscape and testing for sustainable e-commerce packaging
Networking break
Section 3: E-Commerce packaging for different goods
Case study of a CPG brand: What ecommerce changed the requirement on packaging compared with traditional retail channels
Networking Lunch
Section 4: Sustainability in E-commerce Packaging
Re-inventing “Green” Packaging
Sealed Air
Tapping into smart packaging’s potential in e-commerce
Amcor, Kezzler
Case Study: whole supply chain working together for better e-commerce packaging approach
Innovation in corrugated packaging for sustainability
Networking break
Section 5: Innovations for sustainable e-commerce packaging
Sustainable e-commerce packaging options
Packaging personalization and late stage customization
Shipped In Own Container / E-commerce packaging reduction approaches
Case Study: Innovative design for e-commerce packaging
Tin Horse Design
Panel: What can be done to improve the sustainability in e-commerce packaging?
Chair's closing remarks
Day Two - Wednesday 23 September
Registration & Welcome
Opening remarks from the chair
Section 1: Sustainable Packaging - Brands and Retailers Perspectives
A retailers roadmap to sustainability
Case study: delivering sustainable packaging through an e-commerce platform
Case study: sustainable food service
Case study: FMCG brand initiatives to achieve sustainability goals through packaging
Networking break
Panel: Food waste vs. Packaging waste
Networking Lunch
Section 2: Circular economy and recycling consideration in packaging
Recycling realities and ecosystem for post-consumer PET bottles and flexible plastics in Southeast Asia
Section 3: Regulatory landscape, safety and compliance of packaging
Packaging policy and regulatory landscape in Asia
The safety and compliance of packaging across the APAC region
Panel: policies, regulations, as well as voluntary, industry-led systems (Packaging Recovery Organization) to accelerate circular economy
Networking break
Day Three - Thursday 24 September
Registration & Welcome
Opening remarks from the chair
Section 5: Material challenges and material innovations
Future outlook for plastic packaging in Asia
Sustainability in paper/corrugated packaging
Sustainability in metal packaging
Networking break
Panel: Paper vs. Plastic
Section 6: New technologies/mechanism facilitating recycling
Section 7: New materials/technologies, innovative designs for sustainability in packaging
Plastic innovation to respond to sustainability challenges
Panel: When and where does biobased and biodegradable packaging make sense?
Networking break
Section 8: Future outlook of sustainability in Asia
Panel: Ocean bound plastics recycling
The science and value behind LCAs
Sustainable Packaging: what can we expect from the next 10 years
Chair’s closing remarks, end of the conference

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