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Sustainability in Packaging Asia

22-24 September 2020

Sustainability In Packaging Asia Comes To Singapore In 2020!

Since its launch in US in 2006, our sustainability in packaging conference has gone from strength to strength and has been successfully launched in Europe.
  • As the packaging industry faces growing consumer and regulatory pressure to find sustainable packaging options that ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, companies across the value chain are looking to sustainability to differentiate from their competitors and win new business. Brands have ambitious sustainability goals to hit, converters want to champion the sustainable credentials for their materials and raw materials companies are innovating to solve performance and end of life issues.
  • The challenge is that the things that make packaging (especially plastics packaging) effective at its job (its cheap and durable) also hinder its sustainability – it lasts a long time and is uneconomical to recycle
  • Asia is becoming a key arena for sustainability discussions because the consumer base is growing quickly and with it demand for packaging but the recycling infrastructure and waste management is less developed. China’s recent‘National Sword’policy has curtailed European and US plastic waste going to China to be recycled and created heightened awareness of sustainability in both China and surrounding countries.
As global brands look to Asia to drive their growth, Asia provides many opportunities and challenges for creating a growing need for sustainable packaging solutions in the region and these will create the key themes for this new event.



Ashwin Subramaniam - GA Circular

Ashwin Subramaniam

CEO at GA Circular
Gary Calicdan - Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Gary Calicdan

Ethical Buyer – Packaging and Print at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Jiang Nanqing - China Plastics Reuse and Recycling Association

Jiang Nanqing

Secretary General at China Plastics Reuse and Recycling Association
Mert Sasoglu - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health

Mert Sasoglu

Associate Director at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
Quentin Yan - WestRock

Quentin Yan

Sr. Manager/Director, Asia Pacific Market Development, Consumer Packaging at WestRock
Sharon Xiao - UPM RAFLATAC

Sharon Xiao

Sustainability Manager, APAC at UPM RAFLATAC
Avery Dennison
Day One - Tuesday 22 September
Section 1: Trend and future of Asia market on e-commerce and packaging
Section 2: Regulatory landscape and testing for sustainable e-commerce packaging
Section 3: E-Commerce packaging for different goods
Section 4: Sustainability in E-commerce Packaging
Section 5: Innovations for sustainable e-commerce packaging
Day Two - Wednesday 23 September
Section 1: Sustainable Packaging - Brands and Retailers Perspectives
Section 2: Circular economy and recycling consideration in packaging
Section 3: Regulatory landscape, safety and compliance of packaging
Day Three - Thursday 24 September
Section 5: Material challenges and material innovations
Section 6: New technologies/mechanism facilitating recycling
Section 7: New materials/technologies, innovative designs for sustainability in packaging
Section 8: Future outlook of sustainability in Asia