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Realistic Sustainability from Beginning to End of Product/Packaging Life


This workshop will not only talk about designing for end of life, but also address every aspect of packaging as it is designed, sustainability, innovations, plastics, paper based and more. Hear from brands as well as packaging convertors and suppliers, how they are keeping sustainability in mind, while designing innovative packaging.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022



More speakers coming soon!


1:00 PM | Oh Ship! What Increased E-commerce Demand Means for Sustainable Secondary Packaging

Customer demand is the top priority for most ecommerce companies. However, that speed often comes with the antiquated practice of choosing the closest size shipping box, often leading to an abundance of empty space and plastic waste. E-commerce has increased by double-digit figures year over year, and that problem is growing — even more rapidly since the pandemic with more people shopping on-line. To solve this dilemma, e-commerce companies have started to implement right-sized packaging on demand, which enables the ability to create custom product packaging for each order, within their own facility. This translates to less waste, decreased DIM weight charges, less damage to packages and product, and reduced labor expenses. As businesses continue to wrestle with sustainability, profit margin and customer satisfaction, expect right-sized packaging on demand to take center stage as the next big thing in e-commerce.

Hanko Kiessner | Executive Chairman and Founder, Packsize International LLC

1:30 PM | Presentation to come!

Tim Grant | Director and Founder, Lifecycles

2:00 PM | Eliminating Single Use Plastics

Abstract to come!

David Simnick | CEO & Co-Founder, SoapBox Soaps 

2:30 PM | Presentation to come!

3:00 PM | Networking Break

3:30 PM | How Good Companies Become Great Through Multidisciplinary Sustainability Collaboration

Abstract to come!

Ahmed El Ganzouri | Sustainability Strategy Manager, General Motors

4:00 PM | The Value of a Sustainability Audit

Packaging teams need to balance countless priorities and projects, but the topics of cutting costs and improving packaging sustainability are always near the top of that interminable list. When approaches to cost savings and to sustainability are clearly defined, it quickly becomes apparent that there are major areas of overlap between the two. Sustainability topics such as material efficiency are reflected in component weights and dimensions on the cost savings side. Decreasing supply chain complexity for cost savings can improve sustainability via energy consumption. They may not be the sexy projects that grab headlines, but they can serve as the foundation of an innovative packaging team’s efforts across both categories.

Nina Leatherday | Senior Packaging Engineer and Account Manager, Adept Group

4:30 PM | Title to be determined

Abstract to come!

Eric Rood | Packaging Engineering Manager, Stanley Black & Decker

5:00 PM | Closing Remarks – Welcome Evening Reception