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Sustainability in Packaging Latin America - Online Workshop

August 11-12, 2021

Last Chance To Register for 2021!

Smithers is pleased to announce Sustainability in Packaging Latin America. This event will be launched as an Online Workshop taking place August 11-12, 2021, with plans to expand the event to a live, in-person event taking place in the Latin American region next year.

What Will Be Covered In This Online Workshop?

As consumer purchasing trends continue to shift towards online ordering, the need for new and innovative packaging solutions is more apparent than ever before. Consumers today are actively searching for a seamless omnichannel experience, with access to products and packaging that are not only more sustainable, but also reduce the amount of effort required to minimize their impact on the global environment. With these trends in mind, one of the most important functions of packaging will be increased sustainability. This push towards sustainable practices for packaging and a circular economy remains a key influencer, focal point, and primary benchmark for the packaging supply chain in all regions of the world - with associated costs, material sourcing, and available technologies presenting as both existing barriers to entry and exciting opportunities for continued innovation and industry growth.

Throughout Latin America, consumers are seeking alternative packaging options that are easily recyclable and biodegradable, as traditional plastic packaging continues to lose favor and lack support as a sustainable material option. In order to maintain a competitive edge and move towards an increasingly circular economy in the Latam region, it is crucial for companies to take action and incorporate tangible sustainability goals that address the expressed desires and shifting demands of the consumer.

This workshop will bring to light how the industry can work together to tackle these key issues, including:

  • The Future of Plastics and Recycling
  • Emerging Sustainable Materials in Packaging
  • Circular Economy and Design for Environment
  • Trends and Innovations – Future Outlook of the Packaging Industry
  • New Models to Reduce or Replace Packaging
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • End of Life Management - Packaging and Policies
Opening Remarks
Session I: The Future of Plastics and Recycling
Session II: Emerging Sustainable Materials in Packaging
Session III: Circular Economy and Design for Environment
Session IV: Trends and Innovations – Future Outlook of the Packaging Industry
Session V: New Models to Reduce or Replace Packaging
Session VI: EPR
Session VII: End of Life Management of Packaging and Policy
Victor Miranda - Anheuser-Busch InBev

Victor Miranda

Packaging Director - Procurement & Sustainability at Anheuser-Busch InBev
Gabriel Serber - Arcos Dorados

Gabriel Serber

Director of Sustainable Development and Social Impact at Arcos Dorados
Carolina Mantilha - Dow

Carolina Mantilha

Latin America Sustainability Director for Packaging and Specialty Plastics at Dow
Thais Vojvodic - Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Thais Vojvodic

Plastics Pact Network Manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Neil Shackleton - Medoola

Neil Shackleton

Founder at Medoola
Dr. Nikola Juhasz - Sun Chemical

Dr. Nikola Juhasz

Global Technical Director, Sustainability at Sun Chemical

Advisory Board

Ricardo A. Garcia Merlo - TC Transcontinental

Ricardo A. Garcia Merlo

Sr Vice President / LatAm Managing Director at TC Transcontinental

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