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This year's workshop agenda will be presented live in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).
Opening Remarks
Session I: The Future of Plastics and Recycling
Single-Use Plastics: The New Chilean Legislation
The Chilean Congress is about to pass an ambitious bill that regulates single-use plastics. The bill is based on the compilation of best practices around the world, taking elements from regulations from Berkeley, Hobart, the EU, Costa Rica, and Germany. It regulates the items most commonly found in the ocean and that is hard to recycle. It tackles the solution by preventing the generation of disposable items of any materials and encourages its reuse.
Javiera Calisto | Legal Director, Oceana Chile
Session II: Emerging Sustainable Materials in Packaging
BioElements: Triple Impact in the Packaging Industry
BioElements provides biodegradable packaging for clients including Mercado Libre and Adidas through a proprietary bio-based formula. This presentation will present BioElements innovation (Resin Bio E-8), its competitive biodegradable advantages, and the company's bio products.
Ignacio Parada da Fonseca | CEO and Co-Founder, BioElements Group
Panel: Innovative Materials for Sustainable Packaging
Moderated by: Ricardo A. Garcia Merlo | Sr Vice President / LatAm Managing Director, TC Transcontinental

Panelists include:
  • Kyle Strenski, CPP | Business Director – HPC, Food and Beverage, F&S SBU Americas, UPM Raflatac
  • Marcelo Celestini | General Manager, Trivium Packaging Argentina
  • Neil Shackleton | Founder, Medoola
Break and Networking
Session III: Circular Economy and Design for Environment
Chemically Recyclable Flexible Packaging
Circular Economy Talk
Ecopulpack could help to those companies which want to make a circular economy model with their packaging, using pulp molded packaging products tailor-made.
Alejandra Arévalo Torres | Project Director, Ecopulpack
Panel: The Future of Design for Sustainable Packaging
This panel will discuss what the future of packaging design will look like, and how consumer demands and trends factor into product development as well as packaging. How will innovations be factored into these designs? 

Moderated by:
 Lilián Robayo | Media Director for Latin America, PMMI

Panelists Include:
  • Carlos Ludlow-Palafox | CEO, Enval
  • Verónica de la Cerda | CEO, TriCiclos
  • Neil Court-Johnston | VP of Strategy, Zotefoams
Conclusion of Day One | Networking
Session IV: Trends and Innovations – Future Outlook of the Packaging Industry
Costing the Circular Economy: How Policy and Technology Will Affect Sustainable Packaging Costs
Governments are racing to implement plastic bans and EPR schemes for packaging, but how will this affect the recycling market? Is there enough capacity, globally, to meet demand from company commitments and country targets, and if not, how much will it cost? BloombergNEF uses its global policy database and techno-economic analysis for recycling to assess the opportunities and risks for businesses as they make the transition to more sustainable packaging, and a more circular economy.
This talk will cover:
  • Major policy drivers in LatAm
  • Global trends in recycling and supply chain innovation
  • Economics of chemical recycling and the case for investment
  • Costing circular economy scenarios

Ilhan Savut | Analyst, BloombergNEF
Session V: New Models to Reduce or Replace Packaging
Algramo: Smart Reusable Packaging - Eliminating Single-Use Plastic
The Loop of Materials Reuse and Enabling a Truly Circular Economy
Co-presented by:
  • Albert Douer | Executive Chairman, UBQ Materials
  • Gabriel Serber | Director of Sustainable Development and Social Impact, Arcos Dorado
Session VI: EPR
EPR in Latin America
This presentation will take a closer look at the current and future landscape of environmental packaging and extended producer responsibility regulations on a global scale, with a focus on Latin America. It will investigate what is happening on a country-by-country basis, explain what brand owners must do to comply with new and upcoming regulations and present a case study on the implementation of EPR in Chile.
  • Michelle Carvell | Chief Operating Officer, Lorax Compliance
  • Gabriela Dobrot | Project Director, Lorax Compliance
  • Rodrigo Leiva | CEO, Valoryza
Break and Networking
Session VII: End of Life Management of Packaging and Policy
Panel: Recycling and Policy for Sustainable Packaging
This panel will cover the struggles of properly recycling materials, communicating information to consumers, policy and regulation that impacts recycling, and what the future of recycling and policy change will mean for products.

Panelists include:
  • Victor Miranda | Packaging Director - Procurement & Sustainability, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Dr. Nikola Juhasz | Global Technical Director, Sustainability, Sun Chemical
  • Jorge A Lopez | Vice President, Enka Colombia
  • Flavio Carneiro | Managing Director, Trivium Packaging Brazil
  • Valeria Michel | Regional Sustainability Director, Tetra Pak
Conlusion of Workshop | Networking