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Fully recyclable packaging with a lower carbon footprint and uncompromised performance, using bio-based plastics from renewable feedstock

Monday 16 October 2023 11:30 - 14:00 in Barcelona, Spain

Organised by Borealis

This workshop focuses bio-plastics, intended as plastics made from renewable raw material source.

After introducing its sustainability approach towards a more circular economy, Borealis will illustrate the benefits of renewable feedstock for the packaging value chain, with a mix of theory and case studies on how Bornewables, Borealis’ portfolio of circular polyolefins based on renewable feedstocks, can be easily introduced used in a wide range of applications, such as even food-contact packaging and healthcare. Recent and future developments will also be addressed.

Why should you attend this workshop?

The workshop helps everyone who wants to learn how renewable-based polyolefins can help reducing dependency from fossil-based resins, while allowing the same product performance.

Join to understand how renewable-based polyolefins can contribute to significantly reduce the carbon footprint, and the mass balance approach can help packaging value chain to address climate change and circularity.

The workshop will include concrete case studies from the market to illustrate how packaging can leverage second-generation renewable feedstock to move towards a circular business model.

Who should attend this workshop?

Everyone from the packaging value who is interested in packaging sustainability, especially packaging development and R&D engineers, and sustainability experts.

Provisional Agenda

11:30 Registration

11:45 Workshop introduction by Giovanni Benedetti, Senior Application Marketing Manager, Rigid Packaging, Borealis

11:50 Workshop begins

  • Drop-in packaging plastic (PP, PE) produced with renewable feedstock, using mass balance certification
    • Intro: Borealis view on how to accelerate the packaging industry’s transition towards a circular net zero business
    • Deep dive bioplastics
      • How PP and PE from renewable resources can help decouple from fossil feedstock and reduce the carbon footprint of your packaging plastics - speaker to be announced

12:50 Networking break

13:05 Workshop continues

  • Case studies “Bornewables in action” - Speaker to be announced
  • How mass-balance chain of custody gives transparency in the supply chain and secures sustainability of the feedstock used – speaker to be announced
  • Further developments:
    • Drop-in bio-PP solutions with physical C14 bio-content – speaker to be announced
    • Different types of 2nd generation waste & residue as circular feedstocks for high-quality packaging materials – speaker to be announced
    • AOB

14:00 Workshop ends

Tickets are €399 + VAT in conjunction with your Sustainability in Packaging Europe conference ticket.