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Smithers Ticket Guarantees:

1. If you are unable to travel closer to the event date, we will allow you to;
           a) Transfer your ticket to a colleague
           b) Transfer your ticket to the 2022 event and access online version of the 2021 event if available

2. If Smithers transition the event to be online, we will transfer your in-person ticket to the 2022 live event and you (or a colleague) will receive a free online ticket for 2021

Early Bird
Expires: Friday 17 September
Until Event Date

Two-Day Conference Ticket
(3 & 4 November 2021)
€999 €1149

Two-Day Conference + EPR Workshop Ticket
(2-4 November 2021)
€1348 €1498

  • Prices expire at 00:00UTC+8
  • Prices do not include 21% VAT

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