2023 Agenda Preview

Circularity is a hot topic impacting the packaging industry right now, with discussions centering around reuse and refill models, industry collaboration, the role of the supply chain and more.

With this in mind, the Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2023 agenda features a session dedicated to how circularity can be achieved in the retail sector. Industry experts will provide insights into the role that retail plays in packaging transformation, the educating of suppliers and consumers, and much more.

Highlights of the session include...

Retailer discussion panel

  • Assessment on reuse and refill models, recycling, restriction in packaging formats
  • What role does packaging play in the packaging transformation?
  • What is our role in educating our suppliers and consumers?
  • How can we collaborate?

Moderator: Willemijn Peeters, CEO & Founder, Searious Business

Panellists include representatives from:


 Circularity from retail to recycling - full system perspective

  • How we work and how we approach working with other retailers
  • What challenges are we facing, what things we have achieved already
  • How will the value chain work in the future
  • Packaging data - what's new and how to handle it

Alexander Reitz, Team Lead, PreZero

 Balancing functionality and sustainability in flexible paper-based packaging

  • Paper-based flexible packaging applications across various categories and formats
  • Paper-based flexible packaging functionalities vs polymer-based solutions
  • Sustainability benefits and recyclability of functionalised paper, closing the loop

Fabio Peyer, Head of Sustainability - Flexible Packaging, Mondi

 Panel: Unlocking the quest for circularity

  • The service of collectors as the new first competence center on turning waste as renewable resources
  • Retailer experience in promoting the close loop to consumers
  • Hard to recycle packaging materials can have a positive end of life in combination with new technologies
  • The dynamic of EPR acting in fairness and evolving with growing circularity

Moderator: Marco Macoratti, Head of Sustainable Business Solutions & Circularity for Retail Channel, Mondi

Panellists include representatives from: