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Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

Mattia Pellegrini - European Commission

Mattia Pellegrini

Head of Unit DG ENV at European Commission
Alexey Vishtal - Nestlé

Alexey Vishtal

Senior Packaging Specialist at Nestlé
Hans Van Bochove - Coca-Cola European Partners

Hans Van Bochove

Chair of EUROPEN and Vice-President Public Affairs Europe at Coca-Cola European Partners
Ulrika Nordvall Bardh - H&M Group

Ulrika Nordvall Bardh

Circular Strategy Lead Non Commercial Goods at H&M Group
Dr Kirstie McIntyre - Diageo

Dr Kirstie McIntyre

Sustainability Director, Global Supply and Procurement at Diageo
Michelle Hammond  - Kelloggs

Michelle Hammond

Packaging & Sustainability Director at Kelloggs
Dr Feliks Bezati - Mars

Dr Feliks Bezati

Global Director of Circular Packaging at Mars
Graham Houlder  - CEFLEX

Graham Houlder

Project Coordinator, CEFLEX and Managing Director, Sloop Consulting B.V. at CEFLEX
Guido Aufdemkamp - European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA)

Guido Aufdemkamp

Executive Director at European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA)
Paul Earnshaw - Tesco PLC

Paul Earnshaw

Senior Packaging Manager at Tesco PLC
 Michelle Carvell - Lorax Compliance

Michelle Carvell

Chief Operating Officer at Lorax Compliance
Carlos Ludlow-Palafox - Enval

Carlos Ludlow-Palafox

CEO at Enval
Dr Gerald Rebitzer - Amcor

Dr Gerald Rebitzer

Sustainability Director at Amcor
Jürgen Krahé - ORBIS Europe

Jürgen Krahé

Senior Commercial Director – EMEA at ORBIS Europe
Malcolm Waugh - Frugalpac, UK

Malcolm Waugh

CEO at Frugalpac, UK
Vincenzo Disavino  - PA Consulting Switzerland

Vincenzo Disavino

Consumer Products Expert at PA Consulting Switzerland
Martin Murray  - Dunnet Bay Distillers Scotland

Martin Murray

Owner & Distiller at Dunnet Bay Distillers Scotland
Jenny Wassenaar - Trivium Packaging

Jenny Wassenaar

Vice President of Sustainability at Trivium Packaging
Philippe Diercxsens - Danone Waters

Philippe Diercxsens

Packaging & Environment Manager at Danone Waters
Susanne Haase - 4evergreen Alliance

Susanne Haase

Program Director at 4evergreen Alliance
Arnoud Passenier - Strategic International Advisor on Circular Economy

Arnoud Passenier

Strategic International Advisor on Circular Economy at Strategic International Advisor on Circular Economy
Peter Segers - SUEZ R&R

Peter Segers

Business Development and Innovation Manager at SUEZ R&R
Kristopher Fain  - BillerudKorsnäs

Kristopher Fain

Director Solution Sales at BillerudKorsnäs
Dr Anna Bortoluzzi  - Quota Sette s.r.l. - ITALY

Dr Anna Bortoluzzi

Owner & Director at Quota Sette s.r.l. - ITALY
Alexandre Vernier  - Bel SA

Alexandre Vernier

Sustainable Packaging Manager at Bel SA
Giacomo Canali - Barilla Group

Giacomo Canali

Packaging Research and Sustainability Senior Science Manager at Barilla Group
Dr. Erwin Lepoudre  - Kaneka

Dr. Erwin Lepoudre

Sustainability Manager at Kaneka
Gabriela Dobrot - Lorax Compliance

Gabriela Dobrot

Project Director at Lorax Compliance
Gilles Demaurex - AISA Automation Industrielle SA

Gilles Demaurex

R&D Packaging Manager at AISA Automation Industrielle SA
Dr Marinella Vitulli - Food Contact Center

Dr Marinella Vitulli

Director at Food Contact Center
Willemijn Peeters  - Searious Business

Willemijn Peeters

CEO at Searious Business
Bineke Posthumus - Avantium

Bineke Posthumus

Director Business Development at Avantium
Noémie Levé - Quantis

Noémie Levé

Sustainability Consultant at Quantis
Rorie Parsons - University of Sheffield

Rorie Parsons

Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Sheffield